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Remember the day you saw her, how you were so attracted and couldn't take your eyesoff her. Her gait, rounded shape, skin complexion and body build swept you off your feet. You simply remember that Shakira'ssong title that says ' hips don't lie'.Hmmn, is it true?

You thought that as long as she is pretty&got the curves then you've gotten it right. When you asked what her name was, she told you 'Suzie Williams' and immediately, you started dreaming of how you'll be calling her 'Suzie baby' in your bedroom. You redefined fantasywith her in your mind.

After few months of friendship, you proposedand she gladly accepted your manifesto. Little did you know that the container isn't thesame with the content. After a while, you notice she is clamorous, quarelsome,lazyand dirty. You were decieved by hips and curves,now you're in for a show. Thank God you're not married yet. Now the hips have started lying to you.

You don't make a choice of life partner based on what you see on the outside alone because those outer features will lack integrity with time and she may have to employ more 'Mary kay' and stronger lingerie to pack herself properly.

There are certain kind of ladies you shouldn't marry:

1- An immoral woman- Proverbs 5:20

All she wants is sex. Haven't you heard of ladies that demand sex from men? I was told of a lady that would walk-up to men and say ' I need your seed'. She demands sex and she'snever tired. She's a universal charger always looking for men to plug-in.

2- A clamorous woman- Proverbs 9:13

She's the loud type and very noisy in nature, bro, don't go there and if you have rushed in, please rush out. You can't manage her, she would pull the roof down on you one day.

3- A woman without discretion-Proverbs 11:22

She's not prudent in spending and not wise enough to manage a home. She maybe beautiful but all her earnings is on 'Mary Kay', she's beautifully foolish. You will need your life's savings to maintain her. If you marry her, she would take your children sch fees to buy the latest lace and save some part of the feeding money to buy 'bling bling'.

4- A quarrelsome woman-Proverbs 21:9

She picks quarrel at every slight provocation, its better to live in the desert than live with her.

5- Hot-tempered woman. Proverbs 21:19

She can slap you, abuse your mother and chase you friends away, please don't think marriage with her at all.

She may have the hips and curvatures but my dear, hips can lie. Physical attraction isn't enough a yardstick to make your choice of a life partner.

If you have noticed all these in her, you don't need a prophet to tell you to run because God's word said so. If you're yet to make yourchoice in relationship, don't base your choice on hips because now we know that hips lie.



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