Dear Nigerian Men, Does This Turn You Off?

By 09:27 Sat, 19 Nov 2016 Comments

We need to know what you think. Female friends advised this lady that she shouldn't shower her boyfriend with so many presents because men do not like to be taken care of like that. Is that true?

So I am in a serious relationship with a man who I love to shower with affection and gifts every once in a while, my friends told me that men are 'put off' by such a behavior and that I should stop if I don't want to push him away from me.. 
So far he has appreciated my gestures but now I feel like I am slowly turning him off with every gift by not being the typical women who wants to be taken care off and on the receiving end of gifts. so I would like to know the real perspective of men!! Is having your lady treat you to a nice dinner and give you a gift every once in a while for no reason, a turn off?! Does it make the women seem like a 'provider' to you and thus make you see her as unfeminine? Cause that's what my friends are telling me..



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