How Poverty Almost Made Me Abort My Son - Actress Regina Chukwu

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Nollywood actress, Regina Chukwu became a widow 13 years ago when she suddenly lost her husband and was faced with the task of taking care of their 2 kids alone.

Today is her only son Maduabuchi Richard Nwafor's birthday and she has shared a touching story of how she almost aborted him because of poverty.

[img][/img]14 year old Richard lifts his surprised mumRing the bell 🔔 sound the alarm 🚨 for on this very day 14yrs ago a prince was born🎉 Am I going to write an epistle this year AGAIN? Ofcos I will😁 This young man here reminds me so much of his late father *mixfeelings*Come with me as I travel down memory lane; On this faithful day, I walked into my then pastor's office (I had come for counseling) after exchanging pleasantries, the pastor showed me to a seat N as made to seat comfortably he said nd I quote 'sister the lord will visit you with a male child soon' on hearing that my eyes went straight to the calendar that was hung on the wall of his office,

and I realised I was 2 weeks late😳 there and then, the world around me collapsed, I am supposed to be happy but I was not, why? You do ask..... as at that time, we were living from hand to mouth, my husband was sick and to crown it all Racheal was just like a year. At that spot I decided abortion was the solution but I made sure not to betray my emotion in the presence of our pastor. I got home and I said to my husband 'I think I am pregnant' and like I had envisaged he said it to me point blank 'we are getting rid of it' how do we have another child in this condition 😢 I said okay but that the pastor said it's a male child o and like the typical Igbo man that my husband is now, his face brightened up at the mention of a MALE child, so he said to me 'chi maybe we should leave it, God will provide' he was from zero to 100 in less than a min😂 to cut the long story short Maduabuchi Richard Nwafor came into our lives after nine months and the father left us when he was just 4months (he waited for him) a lot of things happened in that space of 13 months but it's a story for another day 😉 my son thank God I kept you, you and your sister have been a great source of strength to me this past years. Sunday left me with the most beautiful gift which is the both of you, and I love that you are my kids cos no one understands me like the both of you😍 I pray this will not be your last birthday on earth 🌏 your father died young you will live to be very old🙏🏻 I will never have any cause to cry over U both 🙏🏻 happy birthday son momma loves u scarra N ur sister loves you too.

About how her son was able to carry her up, Reg said:

So as the photoshoot was going on, the photographer @salaamjamiu jamiu asked if I could pls lift @richardnwafor up and pose for a shoot📸 and I was like 'of cos I can carry him' that was how I tried lifting him up o, alas! I couldn't even get his two feets off the ground😅 like I almost fell o and am like Biko nu' so I can't carry this small buchi😳 *the boy yaf big finish* everyone present was rolling on the floor 😢 now they suggested that he should carry me instead and I shouted 'he can't carry me o' but buchi was like mummy haba I can carry you now and before I could say JACK my feets were off the ground 😳😳😳 ***unbelievable*** I love you so much maduabuchi ricahard Nwafor😍😍😍😍



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