WINNING WAYS SERIES#11. THE ACT OF GIVING-The Greatest Disease Today Is Not Leprosy Or Tuberculosis, But The Feelings Of Been Unwanted --Mother Theresa

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Giving is an act of love deeply expressed by an individual to someone, be it material gift, finance,time,attention etc. Giving could be as a result of various factors, it could be as an appreciation for a kind deed or a token for a quality services. It could be seem also as a reward or payment for work rendered, then finally it could be as a result of total expression of love and compassion one has towards others.

Today, I want to speak on giving as an expression of love and compassion. Mother Theresa in one of her favorites quote said "its not how much we give but how much love we put into giving". Today, in our society we have a lot of people living in abject poverty, they lived in the mercy of others and grace of God to survive. Life is not all about our consumption but of our contribution to humanity. Are you a giver? Does God encourage us to give, are there benefits of giving and who

are we to give. It has been said, to whom much is given, much is expected. God has blessed you abundantly and placed you on a level of riches, it is imperative you look beyond and bless those who are in dire need but has no one to turn to. There are those who couldn't afford a square meal a day or even good clothes to put on neither a shelter to lay their head, it is an act of love if God has blessed you beyond measure to show kindness and bless those less opportune to take care of themselves.There are some prayers that can only manifest into miracle when you are a giver."For it is in giving that we receive". A woman was married for six years but has no child, a lot of prayers and deliverance was conducted, accusation were made to be responsible for her ordeal and even medical attention prove abortive. A time came she was advised by a good friend to try adoption in which she did with the support of her husband they both took good care of the child as if it was their biologically child and not quite long the woman conceive and gave birth to a set of twins. I have always said prayers are good but not everything require prayers, in most times our actions will pave way for our blessings and breakthrough.Giving also create an open door to those that gives passionately, it is more honorably and blessed to give. When you give to those who can't repay you with an act of love, there thanksgiven and prayers will be a catalysts for that blessings you seek. God encourages us to be our brothers keeper and also help those who are less privilege in order for them to live happily. When i talk about giving, it is not limited to financial aspect. You can share time out with people and encourage what they do and advice them on the way forward, you can as well give material item that are still in perfect condition that you no longer use. Do you throw food away you remain because you are filled up? Why not reach out to those who can't afford and make them happy with those food stuff you have than throwing them away, sometimes they remain in your kitchen and got spoilt. A lot of people are going through hell in this life, can you be the answers to their prayers if God has put you in that position to do so. Be their destiny helper and the reason for them not to give up on life.Sometime ago i read in this Forum and other Forums of people giving and playing Santa to Forum visitors, I was so glad and happy because they have chosen to ease the pains this people are going though and not because they have so much or compel to, some went as far as giving out foodstuff and condiment including cash as well. It is my prayer today that God who is the rewarder of all good things will surely meet you at the point of your need and that whatever reason that made you give and reached out to this people will surely be granted unto you Amen. Are you in dire need and have no one to turn to? I pray for God to cause men and women to favour you, your helper will surely locate you Amen.Finally, be the reason for someone smile and happiness this festive season. The only thing that can speak for us even after we have gone is our contribution and kind act to one another. Always remember that material possession acquire in this earth doesn't leave with us when we die, take that step of love today and reach out to bless someone no matter how little or big it will surely save a life.SHALOM

Evang Tony.



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