How To Solve All Your Problems This 2017

By 07:47 Mon, 16 Jan 2017 Comments

Straight to the point.

I can't say I'm perfect or saying that I'm the wisest here on earth but some issues that I've gone through has made me a bit wiser on how to solve almost all problems that I've seen. Cope below

(good) Attain wisdom at all time

(good) Everything that happens to you at anytime, always embrace it and learn from it, You don't need to shade tears or be over excited. But accept them and be wise about them

(good) Not all problems need prayers

(good) Not all problems requires you to act

(good) Some problems requires Just your quietness concentration to be fixed

(good) When ever problems come your way, accept them then try to look out for future problems and avoid them

(good) some problems come your way for you to learn and if you run away from them without completion, it will hook you in the nearest future

(good) If you're happy today and problem lands tomorrow, don't panic just give it a smile and accept it and also look for a way to solve it and if you find no means to solve it, then pray 🙏 and forget about it.

(good) And just to remind you that as far as you're a citizen of earth, you're bound to meet problems almost always, so you have to implement wisdom to solve them all.

(good) And at all times, always remember that God is watching you. Etc..

This is all I can remember for now. Thanks - Kelly Chi 🦁



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