The Ultimate Investment Program

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Welcome to Ultimate Investment, the advanced revenue share company, getting started , sign up either with your sponsor's ref link, select plan, pay, activate , then ref, click ad and enter draft

To withdraw your earnings click on your balance and continue, please note minimum withdrawal is 25$

How It Works

Raffle Draw:

We Give out prizes according to plan pack purchased, we payout upto 600% of raffle unit price

EG on starter pack, one raffle entry cost 0.50$ , on Pro pack, one raffle entry cost 1$ then on The Ultimate Pack, one raffle entry cost 2$ therefore your unit cost per entry determines your prize as first - third place are what we observe.

respectively 1st, 2nd and 3rd are eligible to get 600% , 400% and 200% of their unit price.

as multiple entries are acceptable so as multiple winnings are a single user can claim three prizes

Please note that lottery earnings are not credited to active balance, but are paid directly to Wallet as winners are been announced.


We give you percentage of your downliners according to your Pack and his/her pack of purchase

EG you purchase starter pack 25$ which 10% you referred user that purchased ultimate Pack which is 40% and at 100$ you will receive 10% of 100$ and vice versa

Please be aware there is no upgrading or downgrading of a pack, opening of multiple account is allowed with different emails but upgrading or downgrading after purchase "is not a snow ball chance in hell" sorry

Ad Clicking:

We Pay You 20% interest of your purchased plan within 30days

EG we split your earnings within 30days according to your Pack which will definitely yield 20% interest in 30day.

Note this 20% will only be possible if you don't miss count in ad clicking, make sure you click ads daily and be aware ad clicking is the heart of your subscription, your subscription will expire and require reinvestment / repurchase once 20% is acquired from ad clicking


Earn 20% in 30days by just clicking 10ads daily

Earn upto 40% of your affiliate

Be among the lucky pick and get upto 600% of your raffle

Get Started Now!



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