The Internet Fight Between Kemi Olumloyo And Georgina Onuoha

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Two days ago, Kemi Olunloyo called out U.S-based Nigerian actress, Georgina Onuoha, to come out to clear her name on the $10m bailout funds scandal Gov. Okowa lost to mistress.

According to Kemi Olunloyo, Georgina is the alleged mistress in the scandal. As requested by Kemi, Georgina is in Nigeria currently and have been slamming Kemi. Continue to see posts from Georgina after the cut....

"I'm surprised your aunt didn't tell you about the Internal Revenue Services (IRS).. sorry about that, asylum seekers or those who reside fraudulently might not be use to it.

I'm a proud American and a full flesh Nigerian

I don't visit the US, I AM AN American, great tax payer that reports and files tax every year .. And they hold you responsible for any nickel or dime not reported by you or your employer. Trust me the IRS is the biggest entity feared by many a great men; politicians or president. Because you will visit the slammer (prison/jail) if fraud is detected. So contact them with this your breaking news. 😂😂🙌🏻👍🏻🙏🏻

10 million dollars.. boyyy that's some huge money.

Please mistress to governor Daris is God oo. if you don't come give me out of this money!!!

You can not be in bed with the devil and have the audacity to rebuke him.. I call out governors, presidents and miscreants in our society, so I don't need their money.. but I won't mind if they give me such..😂😂😜😜Things to do with 10million dollars

1: Build boreholes in my hometown community of ihitte/uboma local government area..

2: Pay pensioners in my home state Of IMO that have been asked by their governor to forfeit 60 percent of their pension

3: Get Solar city from my home state of California to come subsidize solar energy for my hard working Nigerians who desperately need light to run their small businesses

4) Build home around the country to rehabilitate thousands of Internally Displaced People in my country

5) Give funds to hundreds of charity organizations supporting millions of Nigerian kids with disabilities

6) Expand my fish farm with it and employ lost of hard working Nigerians

7) please give me more ideas people for what we can do with 10 million 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Please governor whom ever you are or maybe or any other mumu governor

Please come and launder money through me, I will put it to good use in my papa's land" 

"Mami or Aunty agbaya mi is taking a victory lap 😂😂😂

Egba mi 😂😂

Bullies and frauds can't stand it when you stand up to them and give them a taste of their own medicine 😂😂😂 they cry you a river like a baby 👶

@hnnafrica ... so you can't stand the heat yet you know how to dish false news.. pele ooo

Pick your victims very well next time.. Not this chick.. so troll along

And hey!! Missy you can report this as well 😂😂😂

Aunty investigative pussy journalist from Ibadan 😂😂😂mama re ati baba re Nko? Omo oshi! Omo ko mo, onituju omo buruku. Abani loruko je.. oni ise ibi ? Ma fun e' ni ise lati oni lo, ka da fun e.. maba tie je.. We all can use report app only when it's necessary.. my words struck a nerve you couldn't take??? Your medication still awaits you 😂😂😂

Olori buruku

Odale eniyan

Agbaya oshi

Oponu so we nu

Olodo anty iya

Ma se shege metala fun e..

Iwo dan mi wo

Oluya 😂😂

Oribu, omo oshi

Ele won..

Omo kati kati

Omo jati jati

Omo oshi tinfi owo osi toka ile baba re'.

Prisoner to pain and anguish

Sorry guys just calling her some juicy names in youruba

@hnnafrica run along .. you threaten to hack my account?? 😂😂😂

go report this post as well 😂😂😂

That's what babies do

Please hack my account as promised, that's what criminals do and you have eventually answered to the names all have been calling you..

Sorry Aunty agbaya mi 😂😂 onyeoshi, ole!! Thief, barawo banza 😂😂Ewu canbia..

Pathological liar


You American?? And deported? Oh I see crime and jail and illegal stay you mean 😜😜Show me your blue passport you cheap scum??😂

Pharmacists?? Name of school and last place of work before deportation?

Journalist?? Please name of school of journalism and year of graduation 🎓

Oniro oshi


Junky 😂😂"

"I dey laugh die 😂😂😂 for pigin Lord bless me with such money.. I have lots of IDP and disabled people to feed In My community.

The Era of pussy journalism by a deported junky who wants to get rich at all cost. I'm live and Direct in Abuja junky @hnnafrica hope you have lots of money to settle your legal bills..

You wanted an interview to verify your tips.. I'm right here in Nigeria..

If you do not release your buhaha, then you are nothing but a low life born by a bastard. Get ready.. Welcome to the twilight zone. You will be deported to kirikiri by the time I'm done with you

I'm coming for your jugular"

"When Nigerians are enduring undue hard economic hardship and starvation due to our corrupt leaders. Efforts are being made to stabilize and bring this nation back from the brinks of collapse. If governors or any official is embellishing funds they should be brought to justice. It is equally shameful that this old hag, scum and junkie will try to divert attention from the real issue at hand just to gain cheap popularity.. well @hnnafrica you messed with the wrong actress. Since you have tips of the mistress please EFCC and SSD will love to speak with you to help out. I just got off the phone with the publisher of the Nation you misquoted falsely in your bid for cheap fame. Victor Akande provided me with this are are demanding you retract your false misrepresentation of their news paper. I am in Abuja, hope we can have the interview you are requesting at the EFCC office in abuja? I will fly you down since you are cheap and broke."



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