Let Me Tell You About The Day I Was Very Nearly Raped...

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I was 18.

The breeze was so strong as I was about to enter the bathroom so i quickly ran out to pack my clothes . I was on towel.

I didn't close the door while coming in because of the clothes on my hands and that was how my neighbour's brother who came visiting, followed me inside, locked the door, grabbed me, pulled my towel and pinned me down..  He tried to open my legs but I fought with all of my strength. Our other neigbour was in her room and was playing loud music. I called her name severally she couldn't hear me, I screamed for Help but the music was so loud she couldn't hear me and then God saved

me.  Nepa took the light, everywhere was quiet and then I screamed, he ran out quickly . I stood up ran to lock the door, and was in shock for minutes,

When my neigbour came out to ask why I was screaming, I couldn't even talk.... I was shocked, I told her nothing.  I couldn't tell anyone, my parents already believed "I Don already know man", they won't believe me if I told them a psycho was living amidst us.

When he started making advances to my kid sister, I told him one evening when I saw him.  I am no longer afraid of you, I didn't tell anyone what you almost did to me but if you go near any of my sisters I promise you if I don't kill you, I am not adesua. I WILL KILL YOU. I told my sisters to beware of him without telling them any reasons, I didn't want my parents to hear it, I was afraid of them getting to know but I meant every word I told him that evening, I don't joke with my siblings.  He traveled back to his base 2 days later and that was the last I saw of him until we moved out

Nepa taking the light that moment is God saving me from being raped, I don't see it as a coincidence. This is to all parents slut shaming their kids.

You don dey know man

Ashawo, na Man house you go.

Man Don dey fuck you shey

They Don dey touch your breast . When she faces something like I did she won't come to you because when her oppressor turns the table on her, you will believe him afterall she Don know man.

She doesn't know man, she is still a young girl , she might want to know what adults know but she is just curious, she knows nothing.  Stop calling your teenage daughter a prostitute, she doesnt know any man, stop giving her a bad name, you are pushing her. If you are friends with her she will tell you everything, you don't have to assume and jump into conclusions. Rapists and abusers don't live a thousand miles away, they are right under your nose, abusing your kids, fingering your daughter, forcing their penis into your son 's anus but you can't know because even if your eyes are wide open, you see NOTHING. 

Make yourself approachable to your kids, trust me that time will come when they need you.

Don't go MIA(missing in action) . ***IYOYOJIE ADESUA***



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