how to last long 100% WITH YOUR GAL FRIEND ON BED DURING S*X

By 07:14 Fri, 19 Oct 2012 Comments

Well this a health tips.

I was once like that, but untill i made some

investigation on the Matter.

No. 1: As Soon As, You Start, your first,

second stroke, never think about that you

are having s*x, just think about ur Hard

times, and keep stroking low...

No. 2. On Your First Ejaculation, just dont

Pour Completely, But Keep The Memories Of

Ur Mind by taking a deep breath.

No. 3. Achohol realy Helps.


1. Alomo Bitters (#200),

2. Kai Kai + Groundnut,

3. Palmwine + Puff corn


.........KELLY CHI..........



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