Man Pays £50 A Month Towards Plan To Have Head Cut Off, Brain Frozen After He Dies (photo)

By 10:21 Mon, 20 Feb 2017 Comments

A Scots author is paying £50 a month to have his head cut off and cryogenically frozen after his death.

MirrorUK reports that DJ MacLennan is giving the cash to the Alcor Institute in Arizona, USA, in the hope that he can one day be brought back to life.

When he dies, he wants a team of volunteers to fill his body with anti-freezing liquid before plunging

it into ice water.

His body will then be wrapped in polyethylene, submerged in alcohol and lowered into ice before being shipped to Arizona.

At this point, his head will be removed and frozen in liquid nitrogen and put into storage.

The full-body procedure costs £75,000 but DJ, from Skye, has opted for the £40,000 brain freeze.

He said:

 “We don’t waste organs any more, so why do we waste brains? Why do we plant people in the ground to rot? Shouldn’t we consider dealing with dead bodies in a different way?



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