How should i approach a girl i only see in church?

By 11:56 Sat, 10 Aug 2013 Comments

Ok so there is this girl at church I have taken a

liking to, I haven’t spoken to her or anything but

she is hot. I’ve caught her looking at me a few

times (or maybe she is just watching me watch

her lol) so I think I may have a shot, only

problem is I don’t have a clue to approach her. I

mean it’s not really cool to treat church like it’s a

club or something so I don’t know if I should

make my move in church, though that is the

only place I would see her. I have thought about

sitting next to her in church and just making

small talk but she normally sits with her family,

and this Sunday I saw her go home without her

family because she walks my home but wasn’t

sure if it’s just stalkerish to speak to her then.

So what should I do? Just nut up and go for it

when I can or be strategic in how I approach her?

Thanks in advance for all suggestions.



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