Iniabasi Bassey Refuses To Apologize As 18 Women Testify Of His Infidelity

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Iniabasi Bassey Asuquo, who initially agreed to apologize on his Facebook page for lying about his marital status to unsuspecting Nigerian Facebook ladies, has taken a step backward.

According to him, he asked Natalie who first spilled the secret, to stop making more posts on the issue, which she did and that influenced his decision.

Well, this has led to more exposition of some chats he had with unsuspecting victims in the past;

Then another lady testifies against him;

And Chukwudi drops the bombshell of 17 ladies who have come out to admit that they fell victim to his marriage proposal scam on Facebook.

Here's what he wrote;

"See the beautiful family Ini Bassey Asuquo denied because of free sex from single ladies on Facebook.At the last count, over 17 women have come out to admit they fell victim of his marriage proposal scam on Facebook.

Some of them lost huge sum of money to him and the money never came back to them.

This is a summary of the story for those that missed the tea:

This man Iniabasi Bassy Asuquo is a married man with three lovely kids but he has been deceiving girls on Facebook, lying that he is single and going as far as promising many of them marriage.

Many girls fell to his lies and deceits and even accepted his numerous marriage proposals without knowing that he is happily married with children. He slept with many of the girls, collected money from many of them all in their desperation to get married.

He promised marriage and proposed to over I7 different girls. He got busted recently when someone that knew him very well discovered how he has been deceiving and sleeping with many girls he met on Facebook pretending to be single. So the person told everybody on his wall that the guy is married with kids, come and see crying and gnashing of teeth from his numerous victims.

When the bubble busted, he started apologizing and blaming the devil for his evil act.

More Gists are coming.

Just stay tuned. "

Then he talked about an 18th victim;

"One of Ini Bassey's marriage scam victim rang me few minutes ago and she was crying over the phone.

She is the 18th victim I spoke to today.

What happened? She saw the story I did and felt she could confide in me but pleaded I should remove her name from the post because she is yet to recover from the blow of what she just read.

She met Bassey online, fell in love with him and he never mentioned his marital status to her.

Then they agreed that he should come over to Abuja where she stays to spend the weekend together.

On his way to Abuja, he rang the poor lady, crying that his Jeep (SUV) was stolen at Okene Kogi state together with all his valuables.

He later arrived Abuja with a public transport since his car was purportedly stolen and guess what happened next: The lady replaced all that was allegedly stolen from him and it includes a brand new HP laptop, 100k cash, a new phone and other valuables stolen from him.

She offered him her Toyota Camry 2008 car before she gets a replacement for the jeep but he was kind enough to say No.

All the period they were dating, she admitted she sent 40k every month for the upkeep of Bassey's grand mum in Awka Ibom plus his own upkeep.

The Lady just sent the statement of account of the money she wired to him via Messenger. I could see that she has spent over 700k on the head of this fraudster in 6 months.

I also want to make something clear, Bassey claimed to be a Nigerian Lawyer.

This is the same story he told this babe crying over the phone.

Please Ine Bassey is not a Lawyer.

I graduated from Madonna university at Okija. The same university Bassey claimed and told his women he graduated from.

Bassey did not graduate from my Alma Matar. He is not a lawyer and was never called to the Bar.

May be he was called to Drinking Bar but not the Nigerian Bar many of us swore allegiance to, to uphold and cherish her tenets.

If Nigeria were to be a sane country, Bassey would have been inside the prison by now, helping the security guys out with their investigations because what he did is criminal and morally reprehensible.

Let me go and sleep. Tomorrow, we have audio message to share.

Till then"

Natalie then posts screenshots of chats she had with Lydia;

Natalie wrote this, as she shared screenshots of  recent chat she had with Iniabasi;

"I have always said most Nigerian women are not ready for feminism.You only embrace it when a man dumps you

It becomes your reality when he kicks you out on the streets and you have nowhere else to go.

Suddenly, women have rights! You join a Facebook group and start bemoaning your sad fate! 

You become a social media activist and then you declare yourself a feminist! Hating on men and infecting the world with hate and bile from your soul.

I know your type, a man is your god and the only existence for your breathing. It doesn't matter the quality of man, a phallus is all you need. You say your prayers to the phallus god morning and night even if it's you who has to answer those prayers.

I don't have your time today.

I know it's Iniabasi Bassey Asuquo the community penis that wrote that gibberish somewhere claiming it's his wife. Smh.

You aren't a disgrace to humanity, you are mistake to humanity.

So you want to slut shame??😂😂😂😂

I have your dossier, you have even tampared with married women. Till date, you are owing some ladies.

You feed your family with the sweat of hard working women.

You have the nerve to hide your family in Eket and prance about Facebook declaring yourself single and eligible for marriage.

And to show you have absolutely no iota of integrity, you promised me you will apologise and then reneged on your promise after I deleted the post.

Your wife didn't write that nonsense because you said same thing in my inbox. However of she did, tell her you don't belong to her. YOU ARE A COMMUNITY PENIS! YOU BELONG TO THE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY!

I should put up your number for anyone who requires the services of a fuckboy.

I thought I was done with this mess but I woke up to you calling my name on social media.

I was going to put up more screenshots of how you denied your family over and over again but I changed my mind and left you to your fate and God. Hell, I don't even have that energy however, next time you won't call "Natalie" to your stupid posts where you try to justify the darkness of your soul.

You are unrepentant you small, broke devil. Your kind should be shot in the head without an investigation.

A lady was begging for love..? So? Why won't she when she vested all her emotions in your useless self, and you wake up one morning to break up with her for "personal reasons"?

Oh, so you have fun with a lady, visit her, eat her food, sleep with her, propose to her ( I can't wrap my head around that part), then break up and hide behind your family you scum of the Earth!

I'm sure today you will go to church with your wife and three kids, shake hands with the pastor and take a picture or two of your lovely family. A woman you told a girlfriend was too fat to be your wife! The women you hurt can go to blazes! You and God are "tight". 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Suddenly you're worried about what this could do to your home? Are you seriously serious right now? Anyway, you already admitted it's a norm for you to go about messing with ladies, your doom is set in the stars.

I'm done with your story. You a sociopath. You lack the ability to feel remorse for your deeds, you are plain evil.

Those who have this baggage should please come and carry IT away!!!!

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