Finally cheating Facebook Husband Iniabasi Bassey Apologizes

By 09:05 Sun, 26 Feb 2017 Comments

Iniabasi Bassey, who got more than he bargained for, as more than 18 ladies he had an affair with through Facebook testified against him on the social media platform, has apologized.

The cheating husband and father of 3, took to Facebook to apologize to everyone who

might have been hurt with the recent revelation made.

Here's what he wrote;

"Enough has been said yesterday and today about me. But then, we are humans and we make mistakes, learn from it and then move on.

To my family members and friends who felt humiliated by this, I tender an unreserved apology.

Yes, there was an affair, a mutual one at that, which I have not denied. I read somewhere where they said it is 18+ ladies. Well, I don't know where the poster got that from but that is not the issue now.

As for the fraud allegations by these ladies (Lydia Chidiebere and Preye Clever), let me state it here that it did not happen and I need them to clarify the public about that by putting up a post to that within 24hrs from when this post was made because it is a very serious allegation.

I understand that the backlash am receiving is because I broke up when I realised that what I was doing was wrong. I apologize for that.

I have learnt my lessons, this has also given me an opportunity to know some of those I call my friends and this won't repeat itself again.

Mind the kind of friends you keep. Be careful of who you call your friends, I am not saying you should not have friends but evaluate them properly.

Thanks to those of you who called, sent messages suggesting on how to put an end to this. Your calls and messages kept me strong. I appreciate you all. This is the time to move on. I have also forgiven all those who made or said who also came up with stories that are not true just to make sure they follow the trend. I appreciate everyone here and hope you guys out there will learn from it.

Finally, to Mr. Imoh David, I understand how you feel about that write up, sorry brother and thank you for your maturity. To Emii Bountiful, Mgbo Mma UdeAbara, Kate Bassey, Ibiene Bato Martha Williams and others who tried as much as they can to be fair in this, I say thank you to you guys.

This too shall pass away.

Thank you all and God bless.

That's all I have on this. he concluded.

All right folks! Let's move on.

I did not want to say anything again about this till Bassey rang me this morning. He has learned his lessons and to the victims, please sheath your sword and move on too.

Nobody is perfect including me.

This will be my last update on this, we have really over flogged this.

Good afternoon folks!"

Well, an online petition that needs just 200 signatures, to get him arrested by the EFCC has been launched already.



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