More Details On How married Facebook Husband Iniabasi Bassey Lies Was Busted Emerge

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More details on how Iniabasi Bassey Asuquo's lies was busted, has continued to emerge. 

A new post by Solomon Buchi Bartholomew, exposes how the father of 3, who is currently trending on Nigeria's social media, lied his way to Lydia Chidiebere's heart and how their breakup brought all his secret love deals to limelight. 

Here's what he wrote;

"I am not a drama fan, and try my best to stay away from any form of social media drama, but at this point, I have to speak out about the trending brouhaha that involves two of my friends on here, Lydia Chidiebere Idam and Iniabasi Bassey Asuquo. I'm doing this because I have to say the truth and correct those speaking ill of Lydia. Lydia never knew Iniabasi was married.

It happened that one day, she inboxed me about her uncertainty of her relationship with Iniabasi, of how she feels he's not giving her enough time and attention, and beseeched me to find out if he had any other girlfriend. I was taken aback because I knew Iniabasi was married, I know his wife personally. From Lydia's expression I could tell that she was really into this man. Her words showed a woman who has laid down so much for this man. I was afraid, afraid of how to release the truth to her and also how to not destroy Iniabasi’s marriage..

I decided not to let her know. What did I do?That same day, I inboxed Iniabasi and spoke to him like man to man, I told him I wasn't gonna tell anyone, he should just break up with Lydia, because he's married and he knows the relationship will lead to nowhere. Unfortunately Lydia saw it leading somewhere because she told me he proposed and also mentioned her to his alleged elder sister who according to him is the only surviving member of his family.

Iniabasi denied ever having anything to do with Lydia. He denied proposing, he denied everything. Instead he turned the tables and said Lydia is the one who wants him. I wasn't happy because I wanted helping this man. I expected him to say the truth and we trash it off but he lied. Well, I said nothing.It wasn't so long that same afternoon, Lydia inboxed me, telling me he just called to break up with her. And when she enquired: he said it was for personal reasons. Lydia was heartbroken, how a man will wake up from the blues and just break up with her, so Lydia asked me to talk to him, that no matter what it is, they can work it out. Why the abrupt break up?

Remember, that I haven't even told Lydia he's married. So she was acting based on the false reality that he is single. That's why she wanted him back.Who wouldn't be pained and want another trial if the one you love just suddenly gets rid of you?You'll want to know what you did, you'll want to know how you can make things work again..From what I observed, it was taking Lydia time to forget this guy because she just wanted something positive to happen again. So I decided to tell her the truth, so it'll help her move on. I was scared, but I had to. One morning I blew it out to her that he's married and I know his wife and three children.Lydia was almost getting mad. Her voice, in fact I know she cried. She was confused, surprised and afraid that a man could be so deceitful. Lydia shouted on phone. I made her understand that I divulged it to her so to help her move on. 

So that was how Lydia knew that Iniabasi is married.The only thing she was now after was how to get her money from him. She borrowed some 130k to him last year for an alleged radio permit bla bla bla. So I ensured her that he'll pay. Later she told me that he's paid part.It wasn't too long. Lydia made findings from where I don't know and discovered that this man has been doing same to some ladies. She told me that she's found some ladies who have same experience with him. I was shocked but I tried my best not to let this whole stuff escalate in public, because I know the consequences on his image.

I had to write this because since this issue went viral, Lydia's name has been soiled. Saying she was desperate and she knew he was married, that's false. People should stop involving themselves in what they know little about. Not because you see a drama, you feel it's just that superficial.Lydia didn't know. She wasn't desperate. She borrowed the money to him out of love a woman would have for her man, she didn't do that because she was desperate.

I thought it wise to post this because it'll be wicked that I know the truth and still keep quiet in the bid not to involve in drama. It's better I involve to save an innocent one, than watch her reputation marred. Last night Lydia's family member had to inbox me to tell me that her family believes she purposefully had an affair with a married man and it's causing issues.I pray her family members see this post and get understanding about how it all happened.Thanks people."



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