How To French-kiss A Babe Like A Gentleman - Ultimate 5 Techniques!

By 01:41 Wed, 14 Aug 2013 Comments

..We Londoners gerrrrit but you guys dont gerrrrit so I will teach u the technique to french kiss a babe to make her fall in love wit u..truss me....& by the way, french kiss is not kissin in french..Its a art of chewing female lips very gently to make her love u only.. truss me!


STEP 1:..Keep your lips soft like toilet roll:..90% of u people lips is hard like remote control & this will not hep!

STEP 2: ..Freshen your breath:...Please test yor breath with Mouth fresher,air fresher, salt water or helps!

STEP 3..Find the right moment:..time the babe..Always talk about Brazillian wig to sweeeten her moood..They lovit!.

STEP 4:..Make eye contact with one eye & then pretend like the other eye isnt lookin then look slowly witout lookin

lookful in a lookable helps!

STEP 5.. Keep your mouth in a kissable position without tamparin wit her wig...they dont like that...truss me!

...well Accordin to a survey report magazine..women love this technique & u are gauranteed for marraige propaosal!




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