Meet The Couple Who Love Having S*x Outside So Much They Now Find Beds Boring (Photos)

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When others think making love is an indoor normalcy, i present to you a duo who thinks otherwise.

Meet  Adam Francis, 24, and Megan Winfield, 23, couple who revealed they love feeling the breeze on their naked bodies, which has inspired their outdoor sex.

Adam, who works as a singer, said: “We make love outside as often and in as many places as we can. We both love the feeling of communing with nature and feeling the sun and the breeze on our naked bodies.

“We find making love in a bed so boring now!”

He added: “Sex outside feels so different from making love in the bedroom. It is much more free and exciting and makes you feel at one with nature.

“It depends where we are as to how many of our clothes we take off. If we’re sure not to be disturbed then we will take everything off, otherwise we’ll be a bit more discreet.”

The couple like to seek out hidden coves on beaches or venture deep into forestland or meadows with long grass for their risky romps.

Adam said: “I find it much more erotic to make love outside – it feels far more natural and exciting.

“We’re lucky in that we haven’t been discovered as yet, but in many ways that naughtiness adds to the spice of the occasion.”

Megan, who works in events and marketing, explained that the outdoor pursuits keep their

relationship exciting.

She said: “We are an adventurous couple and we like to keep it as varied and interesting as possible. I don’t think we would ever make love in a pizza shop though!”

We prefer the ‘wild outdoors’, out in the open, rather than trying to make love in an urban environment where you are far more likely to be discovered.

“Our favourite spot is some woods near our home. We always have one ear out for someone walking close by, such as dog walkers or ramblers.

“The risk factor is part of the sexual excitement too. So far we haven’t been discovered but each time you wonder if someone is walking towards you.

“In many ways it heightens the sense of excitement.”



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