Read Why A Devastated Bride Uninvited Her Bridesmaids To Her Wedding

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One bride-to-be sought advice from strangers on whether she had made the right decision after uninviting her 'only friends' who also happened to be her bridesmaids from her wedding.

Posting on Reddit , the 21-year-old explained how she has had the same small group of friends since middle school and have lately been growing apart but they 'still talk all the time'.

The anonymous bride admits that they've alway been "kind of flaky" and hadn't even bothered to show up to her 18th birthday party.

Now that she's organising a wedding, their actions are hurting her more. She wrote:

'My friends haven't really changed their ways. I tried to get them to come to an engagement party, but only my fiancé’s friends showed up.

'I tried to get them to throw me a bridal shower, but they didn't, and my mother and aunts ended up being the ones to throw it. 'I tried to get them to come to my bachelorette party, but my sister/maid-of-honor told me that they weren't really communicating with her on it. Which is twice as heart-breaking because they are bride's maids. (sic) 'The final straw was when I asked them go dress shopping with me. I told them I really needed them to be a part of this with me and we all agreed on a day to do it.

'Fast forward to that day and they all cancel on me. One of them doing so an hour before my appointment. I asked my mom to come with me and sister at the last minute, and it was a nice time, but I really wanted my friends with me.' After speaking with her fiancé, the couple decided not to have anyone at all attend their wedding, but when her friends were indifferent about the decision, she admits she finally 'snapped'. 'That's when I finally broke. I was so mad that they weren't even the slightest bit disappointed in not being my bridal party. I sent them a message in our group chat basically saying "since you don't seem to care, I'll take you off the invitations.' 'After a couple of days of them freaking out over text and me not answering their texts, I cooled down and realized that I had basically un-invited my only friends from my wedding. 'I feel terrible. I want to re-invite them and make amends, but I'm afraid it'll just be another cycle until I snap again.'I don't want our group that had be together for almost a decade to be broken up because I had a tantrum. I asked my sister and she said to ditch them. But as I speak they are trying to scramble together a bachelorette party for me, and swearing that they'll make it up to me.'

She asked Reddit users for advice and most of those who commented told her she had done the right thing as they 'didn't really seem like her friends to begin with'.

What would you advise?



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