Naija No Dey Carry Last -Nigerian-American Actress, Uzo Aduba Tells Us Why

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Nigerian-American actress and Orange is the new black star, Uzo Aduba talked about her family, career especially her breakout role as Crazy Eyes in OITNB, her future projects.and heritage in an Essence Magazine podcast titled ‘Hey, Girl!’, the Orange is the New Black star.

According to the actress, Nigerians name their children according to life challenges they've passed through.

“Uzoamaka means the road is good,” she began. “My parents decided on Uzoamaka

because my mum battled polio, had been through Biafran civil war, had unexpectedly lost her first husband, had two kids and came back to the United states and met my father and they had me.”

“And the meaning – Uzoamaka – means the journey was worth it – the sense of it, out of the ‘road was good" she said.

When asked why there are so many voices coming out of Nigeria like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Wizkid and many others, Uzo Aduba said, “Naija nor dey carry last [which] means we finish first. We do our very best to lead.

“We are very proud people, I can say that- proud of where we are from, proud of our families, proud of our lineage- very much card-carrying Nigerians you’ll never meet hiding in the shadows. We like to make ourselves known.  And I think that is an authority that comes from our parents.

“I must say without exception that my parents were strong advocates of that. They hounded us to be our best in whatever it was that we were doing. Not necessarily to be perfect, but to be our very best and to try our very best. 

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