Nigerian Comedian Give Out The N100k He Got From Hushpuppi To Ice Cream Seller (Photos)

By 06:26 Tue, 14 Mar 2017 Comments

Nigerian comedian, Mr. Jollof took to his Instagram page to call out Nigerian big boy, Hushpuppi for spending N11 Million at a Lagos club when he could have empowered several young guys with the money.

He then proceeded to say he would rather give the N100k he received from Hushpuppi to an old ice cream seller he has known for a while, just to show him (Hushpuppi) that he can be rich and help people instead of spending it wastefully. Read what he wrote after the cut...

"I am going to show @hushpuppi what it means to make someone happy. Yes I do not have cash up to hushpuppi but I know what it means to put smile on someone's face. I do not have problems with hushpuppi personally but I have problem with him spending 11.5million naira on drinks.... Yes alot of you will say na lie @hushpuppi no pay or na rake let me tell you the truth hushpuppi paid for it because he got that money to spend. Alot of you are praising him just to seek favour from him but I stand to say that regardless of the gift he gave me, I can still tell him the truth when niggas and bitches like you are afraid to say, if he goes broke tomorrow you people will be the first to gossip him and laugh at him but that is not my personality...... 11.5million can atleast make 20 entrepreneurs. @hushpuppi u r my man and i respect you alot but your action is not acceptable to me, i dont know about others. Truth be told for once I am tired false pretence.'

After he gave the ice cream seller the money, he wrote;

"This ice cream man sold ice cream for almost all those that attend Twin fountain college, federal government college, Demonstartion and Don Domingos in the last 15years. He even use to sell credit purchase to those that are credit worthy & i am among that clique 😂😂😂😂😂Yes I always give him money whenever I pass through that area but today I decided to let him feel what is called JOY & HAPPINESS. Thanks to @hushpuppi for making this possible, you gave me the money and it just put smile on someone's face. No beef involved you are my brother and friend and it is my duty to correct you if you do something wrong......."



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