How To Use BB symbols on 2go , facebook, twitter.

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Its very simple, all you need to do is to keep coming back or bookmark this page so that when ever you need the symbol it will all always be within your reach. Now take the code

☺☻ ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠• â—˜ â—‹ â—™ ■≈ ≡ √♂ ♀ ♪ ♫ â—„ â–º â–² â–¼ ⌂ ° ∙α ß Γ Ï€ Σ σ µ Ï„ Φ Θ Ω δ ∞ Ï ÎµÂ½ ¼ ⁿ ² « » ⠨⠑⠓ ⠒⠐ ∩ ± ≥ â‰¤â˜ºâ˜»â–‘â–’â–“â–ˆï€ƒï€ˆï€‡ï€ â€¦â€¡â— â™«â™ªâ‚§â„–â„¢âªâ€¡â€¢â€ âˆžâˆ©âˆ«â‰ˆâ‰ â‰¡âŒ‚â– â–¡â–ªâ–«â–¬â–²â–ºâ–¼â—„â™«â™ªâ™¦â™¥â™£â™ â™‚â™€â˜¼â˜»â˜ºâ—¦â—™â—˜â—â—‹â— âˆžâˆšâˆ™âˆ•âˆ’âˆ‘âŒ âŒ¡â”€â”‚â”Œâ”â””â”˜â”œâ”¤â”¬â”´â”¼â•â•‘â•’â•¢â•¡â• â•Ÿâ•žâ•â•œâ•›â•šâ•™â•˜â•—â•–â••â•”â•“â•£â•¤â•¥â•¦â•§â•¨â•©â•ªâ•«â•¬â–€â–„â–ˆâ–Œâ–â–‘â–’â–“â– â–¡â–ªâ–«â–¬â–²â–ºâ–¼â—„â— â—‹â—â—˜â—™î „î ƒî ‚î â™«â™ªâ™¦â™¥â™£â™ â™‚â™€â˜¼â˜»â˜ºÂ©Â¢
â€“â€”â€•â€—â€ â€¡â€¢â€¦â€°â€¼â€¾â„¦â„¢â„–â‚¬â‚§â‚¤â‚£â¿â…›â…œâ…â…žâ â ‘â ’â “â ”â •âˆ‚âˆ âˆâŒâŒ‚â‰¥â‰¤â‰¡â‰ â‰ˆâˆ«âˆ©âˆŸÂ¦Â¨Â©ÂªÂ«Â­Â®Â¯Â°Ã€Â¿Â¾Â½Â¼Â»ÂºÂ¹Â¸â€¢ÂµÂ´Â³Â²Â±Ã—ÃžÃŸÃ¦Ã·Ã¸Ë Ë‡Ë‰Ë˜Ë™ËšË›ËœËÌ€ÌÌƒÌ‰Ì£Î…Î‡ÎŒÎÎÎ”Î˜Î¶Î¾Ï‚ÏƒÏ„Ï Ï‰Ï

_`abcdeghijklmnoqprstuvwxyzÆ’â€ â€¡Ë â€°Å Å’Å½â€¹â€˜â€™â€œâ€â€¢â€“â€”Ëœâ„¢Å¡â€ºÅ“Å¾Å¸ ¡¢£¤¥¦§©¨ª«¬­®¯°±²³´µ¶•¸¹º»¼½¾¿ÀÁÂÃÄÅà ÇÈÉà ËÌÍÎÏÐÑüûúùø÷öõôóòñðïîíìëêéèçæåäãâáà ßÞÝÜÛÙØ×ÖÕÔÓÒüÿþý— –¬   ©®™§¶…‘’“”©



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