2face Idibia Risk Going To Prison & May Be Sentenced To Death

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Some of you might find this unbelieveable but wait till you

watch the video below and the bill afterwards

Section 18 sub-section 1 of the Cyber-Crime Bill 2013,

which is pending before the House of

Representatives, expressly states that:

1. If you insult someone else publicly, through

a computer system or network, you have

committed an offense and will be liable on

conviction to imprisonment for a term of

not less than five years or to a fine of not

less than N10m or to both fine and


1. If you circulate or make any racist and

xenophobic material available online, you

get a jail term of five years.

1. Cyber-criminals, who hide under the

anonymity of the Internet to bully, harass

other users of online platforms also risk jail

terms when the law comes into full force.

1. Anyone found guilty of posting messages

deemed “grossly offensive, indecent,

obscene” or messages aimed at “causing

annoyance, inconvenience or needless

anxiety” to another online user gets a jail

term of 12 months

1. If you bully, threaten or harass another

person, through “information and

communication technologies” or posts

messages online that contains “threats to

kidnap or injure” another person, you will

be jailed five years or pay a fine of N15m or


1. If you commit an offense against what the bill calls

“critical national information infrastructure” which

results in death, automatically, a death sentence will

be prescribed for you!

Now why we said 2face may be sentenced to death is that

Number highlighted above, says if you insult someone but

two face did not just insult someone but The Politicians & the

Politicians make up the Goverment…now do the maths…

Adding to the above, the pending bill was circulated in the

morning & 2face’s attack was in the afternoon on the same

day through the internet, some members of the house found

this very offensive and promised to start with Celebrities &

Bloggers (Sahara Reporters Especially) once the bill has been

approved into law.



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