Photos: Enormous Alligator Stuns Onlookers As It Emerge On Golf Course

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An enormous alligator shocked onlookers after sauntering along the fairway at a golf course.  The 12ft-long reptile - believed to be an elusive local predator dubbed ’Sherman the Tank’ - emerged from a nearby pond and swaggered onto the grass last Wednesday evening.

Incredibly, the reptile comes within a few metres of a family of startled deer that look on in bewilderment.

The gator carries on walking before calmly disappearing into long reeds next to a pond at the Ocean Creek Golf Course on Fripp Island, South Carolina. Animal worker Jessica Miller, 27, who recorded the creature, said: ‘’This was an absolutely enormous alligator.

''There are tales of one from around the neighbourhood of a huge tarot called 'Sherman the Tank’ so this could be him.

‘’This one was at least 30 years old but could be in his 50s or even 60s. Once they get to a certain size they stop growing so it’s hard to know the exact age.

‘’Alligators mostly come out in the middle of the night so it was pretty rare to see one this size in the daytime.

‘’He was just going from pond to pond chilling out, oblivious to everyone else and he wasn’t looking to cause any trouble’'

Jessica who responds to animal calls at the resort said she ‘’wasn’t scared’’ of Sherman.

She added: ‘’Alligators don’t get that big by doing stupid things like attacking people.

‘’So I trusted him. But then again I was using the zoom on the camera and not getting too close.’'



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