Alibaba Lectures Follower Who Thinks It Is Wrong For Him To Put His Feet On His Office Table

By 01:16 Mon, 19 Jun 2017 Comments

Lol. You say feet photo? Na wetin cause the drama be that. Alibaba has called out a commenter who felt it was wrong when he posted a photo of his feet on his office table on a monday morning. Ali however said he will do it again. And indeed, he kept to his word and has done it again! While posting the photo you see above, the comedian explained the genesis and then said, some work 8-5, while others work weekends and every mallam should mind his business. It’s so hilarious, the full gist after the cut. Lol.

Last time I posted my feet on my table, one guy commented that it was a bad habit and "very unexemplifying". I still didnt get it. He said Monday when people are just resuming work, I'm posting picture of my feet on my table and lounging. As I post this again, I need to mention, we are not all 9 to 5 hustlers. Some of us actually are nocturnal by occupation. Some people only need 2 days in a week to make what you work for in a month. But that is not what this post is about. What I am trying to tell you is that, it also burns my soul to see that you guys can take a Saturday and a Sunday to go to the beach or resorts... Or any place of recreation. And while you are there, I am either behind a microphone, acting, writing and being creative anywhere my services are needed. Then you post your pictures of #aboutlastnight #weekendonflick... I no call police. But as soon as anyone shows that they were having fun while you were working, it irks you. Isn't that selfish? There are different occupational timings for all walks of life. Night soil men can lounge in the day. Maigaurds can afford to sleep in the afternoon because when darkness falls, DUTY calls. An artiste comes alive at weekends. That's why it is usually insensitive when old school associations and kparakpor groups fix meetings at weekends and expect everyone to attend because they believe work ends at COB on Friday and resumes on Monday. Thus making them believe anyone who did not attend the meetings is refusing to be seen with them. How would they feel if I fix an association meeting at 10am on a Monday or Wednesday Morning? This issue of occupational selfishness has become a major issue in relationships too. Ladies be dating a 9 To 5 guy and break it up. Then starts dating an artiste. She will say "we don't spend time together". You must be joking. You should actually pray you don't see him at weekends!! How would you feel if he says he doesn't see much of you Mondays to Fridays? To go to movies and clubs. To each it's kind. The bible says don't be unevenly yolked. Understanding lo matter. Know what the person you want does before saying yes. Don't come and be doing autocorrect in people's career.



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