Eva Back To Writing After Breakup With Fiance…

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You know it’s one of the things she loves to do, but since being in a relationship with Caesar, whom she just broke up with, Eva has had no time for writing! Now she is back. Check out her new piece below and also tell her the one you want to read now, lol. Hot hot girl!



The splattering sound of the water hitting the sink as it poured from the tap drowned out the almost whispered greeting of "Good morning Mom."

The bulky woman standing at the sink was using one hand now to turn the knob, as her other hand mindlessly dabbed itself dry on the almost two yards of fabric tied around her waist with several folds at the belly.

She turned just in time to catch the slender back of the teenage girl headed for the door.

"And where do you think you are going dressed like that?" The woman queried, her hands on either side of her hips.


"Like that!" She gestured with a stout pointing finger. "You are not a Slut, why do you insist on looking like one?"


The horn rang out into the night as his elbow pushed down on the wheel. "Shit!" He cursed.

The shattering sound of it had shocked them both in a panic and set off a pair of dogs in a barking frenzy in the distance.

"It's tight in here sorry," he said and began to fight a long fingered hand into the side of the driver seat, blindly searching for the lever that wheeled the chair back.

With more room now between them and the steering wheel, he let out a heavy sigh.

"I've never done this before," she whispered. "I feel like a cheap slut."

"You might give the best blow my love, but you are not a slut," he cooed.

"So what am I?"

"My bride to be." And with that he lowered her head as he eased himself farther back into the seat.

3. "Get them out of here," the man with the toothpick sticking out from his clenched teeth growled, his hands a sweeping motion in front of him. With a shuffling of several feet the six women were scuttled out and ushered into a room with a small window and a ceiling fan that hung too low and creaked with each spin.

The room smelled of stale urine.

Shortly a uniformed and portly set woman walked in and began to read from a single sheet of paper.

"Which one of you sluts is Agnes?" Her gaze fixed on the one with the cheap looking red wig.

"I am not a slut o!" A short bony woman with too-bleached skin responded.

"You are not a slut," the woman mimicked her, "Come on, out! Let's go."

Which would you like Completed?, she asked her IG followers.

You see that she is back?



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