The God That Provides, The Same God That Heals

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I can’t keep calm. I have not calmed down since hearing this testimonies. I have not ooo. Sigh! So we had this powerful program in church this week, and one of the senior Pastors in RCCG told us the testimonies. Wow! Just wow!! I am still not calm, lol. The second one is massive, the first is too, but the second one, just wow oh wow. The God that HEALS.

Personally, the first one has changed my mind about how God can bless you. I always believe God can only bless you through the works of your hands and probably send an helper. But when God sends angels to credit your account, what are you talking about? God of wonders! Wow! So he was ministering at a place and he told them there is noting God can’t do, long story short, they prayed and he told them to be expecting a miracle. Two men that were financially down, and I mean down had their cases settled.

One of them received an alert in millions. When he saw it, he said this must be a mistake, I am not expecting any money, I cant even receive such an amount, how, from where? Which business am I doing. So because he is a Christian he rushed to the bank. He asked to see the bank manager, after seeing him, he said, I received so and so amount of money and I know it’s a mistake. The man said thank you, he looked through the account, he asked him, are you Michael so and so. He said yes, the manager said, it’s not a mistake, the money was paid with your name. He asked the manager again, are you sure? the man said you can go sir, the money was paid in Ilorin (a state he has never been) in your name sir. Continue...

So he left. Ran to the pastor, the pastor said that is God. The man said they said one Michael paid it in, the Pastor said, do you know there is an angel named Michael? Go and spend your money. Still doubting he said, Pastor, are you sure I am free to spend this money, Pastor said please transfer it into my account, that was when he left, lol.

Not too long another man reported himself, Pastor I got an alert, and it’s in millions, Pastor said, yes yet another one again, he went to confirm, sir it is yours, they told him at the bank.

I immediately adjusted my seat, wait! God can bless me in another way aside the works of my hands? Sincerely people, I have only believed God can ONLY bless you through what you do and probably send people to bless you too. But miracle money? Wow! So I immediately added that to my source of income. God will also credit my account by Himself.

Let me also slide this in. Same Pastor told us this o. Lol, and I practically like it, try it too. He preached about God blessing people at a place they least expect, Unusual places. And there was this sister in his church, very poor. Immediately after the service, she went to meet the pastor. Pastor, I have a brother, we are two that our mother gave birth too, but he is my greatest enemy. Pastor said, how can your brother be your greatest enemy, she said, their parents are dead, and the man sat on all the properties they left behind, saying she is an illiterate and he never wants to see her again. She is the younger one.

So life became unbearable for her. She later got married, but married a poor man too, so life was more tough. So she said Pastor, I believe the message you preached is for me. Though my brother never wants to see me again, he never allows me into his house, I will go one more time because of this message. But sir, can you give me N200 to transport my self to Adeniyi Jones, were my brother lives, because I and my husband begged for money before we could come to church today.

Pastor dipped his hands in his pocket, gave her N200 and fam, her story changed.

When she got to her brother’s house, she pressed the bell. The brother came out from the balcony, who is that, he echoed along with the security man. She said it’s me sir, the brother asked the mallam to open the gate. He then yelled at her, Idiot didn’t I tell you never to come to my house again. She said I am sorry sir. He then said come in. When she got in, she sat down, the man came out, stupid girl, idiot, who told you to seat on my chair, she quickly stood up, went on her knees. And has the man kept cursing her, she suddenly remembered they were anointed in church before she left for his house, so she started robbing that part and was saying have mercy on me sir. Then suddenly, the man said, Idiot, if not that the same mother gave birth to us… bla bla. He then went in, signed a N15m cheque and gave it to her.

The following morning, she rushed to a bank to drop it. Someone at the bank now called the brother to ask if he issued the cheque, he said yes I did, paid the idiot. Lol

The following Sunday, she went to the Pastor’s office, she looked at him and smiled, Pastor let me buy you one shoe now, Pastor said thank you, and she gave him N100,000. She said that’s for a shoe. Lol. That’s how her life changed.

Phew, I wont be able to bring you the other TESTIMONY now, the healing one. So the gist doesn’t get too long. Will bring you that later today or tomorrow (smiles). It just feels good to know we have a Father who is above all fathers. The one that can do what no president can do. The one that always remembers His children. What a MIGHTY GOD.  It just feels good. See ya!



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