waec Agric 2014 answers

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Commercial farming: this is the

production of cash crops

animals in large quantity. These

products are produced majorly for sale.



Canning industry:


Beverage industry: coffee and orange


Feed mill: palm kernel and


Surface irrigation: this is the

system by which water is made to flow on the surface of the

farm land by means furrow,

channels and flooding.


Horizon A: this is the tops soil

in the horizon. It is preoccupied with partly decomposed organic

matter. After this horizon is

horizon B which is subsoil


Horizon D: this is the last

horizon in the soil profile. It is unweathered soil.

Animal nutrition can be defined

as the science of



-it aids ovulation and heat period

-it helps to develop secondary

sexual characters

-it brings about puberty in

female animal

-it helps to develop mammary



(i) selection-this is the process of

picking from a group

of animals which schow

desirable qualities.

(ii) breeding-this is the process

of producing offsprings

with desirable qualities

(iii) introduction-this is the

bringing into the country or

farm,new breeds of good



Ornamental plants are plants

majorly flowers planted

for decoration of houses and







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