The Cain I Got From My Dad Made Me Resilient & Strong - Uche Ogbodo

By 09:06 Mon, 07 Aug 2017 Comments

The actress disclosed this while showing off her family members. That's her dad in the middle and a photo of her mom below too. Lol, so many people will now be forming 'aww, African parents, as if those floggings didn't 'reset' you guys.

You know, flogging those days can be referred now to as AUTO CORRECT. You get one stroke, 3? You just start thinking to yourself, emm, what did i do wrong oo, okay, i get it, i wont do it again. LOOOOOL.

She captioned the photos;

With this Gentleman & Lady , I remain a baby 👶, the most Stubborn 👶 of the house. Thanks Dad for all the Flogging & Punishments I got for misbehavior all the time, The Cain formed this resilient & Strong Willed Woman I am Today. God Bless You and Keep you Alive to Reap the Fruit of your Labor In Me



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