How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor- Natural Remedies for Vaginal OdorHow can you get rid of that fishy vaginal odor?

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Vaginal Odor is one of the most embarrassing and sad condition that many women suffer from every day due to various reasons.

Here, you will learn about the causes of Vaginal Odor and the different proven to work natural remedies to get rid of that unpleasant odor.

Ladies, your vagina is one of the most delicate parts of your body which you must look after like a new born baby. I mean it! Every woman’s vagina is different and so the reason for vaginal odor will also vary. A healthy vagina is not really supposed to smell of anything and definitely not like a DEAD FISH rotting in there.

If you’re suffering from vaginal odor for long term regardless of how many times you wash it in a day, this could be something more than just your hygienic matters. All of the vaginal odor causing factors are discussed in detail here as well as the useful remedies to get rid of it.

TIP# 1- What causes vaginal odor?

What’s going on down there?

Poor Hygiene Ask yourselves these two questions. Do I wash my vaginal area after urinating? Do I wash my anal area every time I get rid of faeces [bowel excretions or you can call It number 2] from the body? If your answer to both of these or even one of these questions is a NO, Pat yourself on the back and say “Well done” because you’ve just discovered one of the most obvious and first factors that cause bad odor of the vagina.Dowash the outside of the Vagina but,don’twash the inside of it because all that will do is kill the good bacteria and trigger the bad guys to grow and multiply.Douching would be the right word to describe the internal cleaning process of the vagina and that’s the one you should avoid. You will find more information on douching later on this page.Here is the golden rule for washing Vagina with soap:You must always make sure that the soap NEVER gets into your vaginal hole. How is that possible? You ask! It’s easy and it’s what you should do. Just wash the vaginal area with plain warm or cold water and then apply a tiny bit of mild, unscented and sensitive soap or bath lotion on the surrounding parts of the vagina [the upper part mostly] and wash it off with plain water right away. Do this while you’re standing up as this is the best way to prevent the soapy liquid from entering into your vaginal hole. Once again, this is to avoid disturbing the happy and natural Ph balanced environment of the vagina. You don’t have to worry much about the soap entering when washing the anal area.

TIP# 2- In case you are not already aware of the right way to wipe your vagina and anus after going to the toilet. . .

Please be aware that you must always keep up with a downward direction when wiping your private parts. This means you should wipe your vagina from the top to all the way down and for your anal area, you should wipe it from where it is to backwards andNEVERtowards your vagina. The last thing you want is all the deadly bacteria from faeces entering the vagina and damaging its healthy environment.

TIP# 3- Go Easy on the Length of your Pubic Hair!

It contributes to the bad odor of your vagina. . .

I know shaving pubic hair is not every woman’s cup of tea but if you’re suffering from vaginal odor or any other types of vaginal infections, getting rid of those unwanted hairs will surely help. If you just can’t cope up with shaving it at all, trim it at least and keep the pubic hair as short and barely visible as possible.

Having too much pubic hair causes dirt and moisture to store up in the skin layers around your vagina which will then invite harmful fungi/bacteria to grow and cause infections. This is another reason why you maybe experiencing the bad odor in your vagina.

Pubic hair during menstruation will make the smell even worse because period already has its own smell and having thick/long pubic hairs will contribute more by storing the dirt/moisture for long. Have a read through some of the very useful shaving guides below to learn how to shave pubic hair the right way.

TIP# 4- Please stay away from Douching!

You’re only making things worse. . .

Douching is very bad. For those of you who do not know what douching is, it is the internal cleansing process of vagina. The word `douche` actually means wash in French but douching in general is the process that women go through to cleanse the inside of their vagina.



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