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Do you still waste your time and money looking for the

“cheapest” data plan for your Java, Symbian or Android

Phone ? Well, for the past two (2) years I have never done that.

*winks* my guys have been browsing for free on their MTN lines using this

method known as FB0 trick and I’ll be teaching you how to

easily achieve that right away.


1. MTN Sim Card.

2. Applications/Softwares.

3. Patience – you’ll need a lot of it.


Create the following profile configuration:

Access Point:

IP :

Port: 8080

NB: Java users should create prov files.

After creating the configuration profile, download operamini

handler or ucweb handler on any website below:

- Java Users – download

Opera 4.2 handler

- Symbian Users – download Opera


- Android - download

- Opera753 handler – Opnext 753

Then open the opera or ucweb handler as the case may be, do

not put anything on http and socket custom servers (if it’s

available), do not put anything on front query, back and middle


Go to proxy server and select Real Host or Host. Then in the box

below put

N.B: It’s zero (0) not alphabet O. Then save and launch, go to

settings inside the opera, go to advance change it from Socket/ to Http.

How To Use: Here’s the icing, go to your message box in your

phone and send Fb0 to 131. If you receive welcome to

Facebook, then just go your opera or ucweb handler you have

configured and start browsing.

If you get, “You have already opted in for this service” yet you

can’t browse, go to your message box on your phone and send

STOP to 131.

After receiving a message that you have been opted out of the

Facebook Zero Plan, then send Fb0 to 131.

On the other hand, if you didn’t get a reply at all I’m afraid that

your sim won’t work. Your sure bet is to try another sim – a new

sim might do the job.

Note:You will be given 5mb for each Fb0 you send. Remember,

you cannot accumulate the Mbs.

After exhausting the 5mb, send

STOP to 131, then resend Fb0 to 131. You can use over 50GB a


Here are some softwares that will ease your work. They are

SMS Tunnel

- Java – download SMS Timer


Symbian – download

Fingertipa Ultimate SMS

- Android – download

Elitebomb Ultimate or download

SMS Scheduler

I hope this helps, Cheers!!! Am still your boy Essienalbert @2go



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