5 Working Ways To Increase Your Blackberry Life Span.

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There is a large annoyance on BlackBerry¡¯s battery life, alongside modern technology which makes phones to have many antennae and sensors, besides this,BlackBerrywas poor in bringing better battery life.

New features in every generation m*de battery life of our smartphone¡¯s to keep decreasing since more power draining features were introduced but forBlackBerrythis is different.

So in this article i would be revealing 5 Simple Ways To Enhance YourBlackBerry BatteryLife without impeding its features.

Before we start, I would want you to remember what you have is aBlackBerry, a brand which has poor battery in its account but with this few steps you can make a difference.

1. Apply The Sleep Mode.

Favorably, most BlackBerry users do this already, but not everyone if not most Smartphone users, the button is easy to access on the top of the device as this will avoid the screen from just stayingON

2. Turn Off The Wi-Fi

Turn of your Wi-Fi if you are not in a Wi-Fi Zone, this will help you save the battery as your device won¡¯t have to scan for networks constantly.

If you have Wi-Fi around you use it and remember to switch your device back to 3G when you are off Wi-Fi .

3. Switch Of The Location Services

Simply Off your location services in system settings. (Move to System settings ¨C Tap Location Services and off it).

4. Reduce Multi-tasking

Blackberry¡¯s multi-tasking feature is cool, to save battery make sure you close those apps you aren¡¯t using on the first page of your screen.

If you are on BlackBerry 7 you can access the multi taking app by holding the BlackBerry Icon button.

5. Limited Screen Brightness

You can save Power by trying to use a slightly lower brightness setting of your phones screen.

Reduce the brightness and try to see if you can adjust with the brightness, you can check Automatically Dim Backlight option in the settings and reduce backlight timeout to 30sec or 1min consequently you don¡¯t need your phones backlight to stay up to 2 mins.

By following these 5 simple tips, you are assured to increase your blackberry battery life With Ease!

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