Elderly Chinese Couple Caught Smuggling 200 Live Cockroaches Into Country

By 11:20 Sun, 03 Dec 2017 Comments

Imagine finding 200 live cockroaches crawling around. That's what happened to customs officials at a Chinese airport on November 25, but the news just got out.

Local media reports they were shocked to discover hundreds of live cockroaches after inspecting an elderly couple's luggage. The nasty discovery left at least one official close to tears.

According to Global Times, security officials at Guangdong province's Baiyun International Airport spotted "movement" when the couple's bags went through an x-ray machine.

"They were carrying a bucket, but when it passed through the x-ray something unusual showed up," a security official told Global Times. "One of our staff opened their luggage and a roach crawled out of it. She almost cried," he added.

When asked why they had the live cockroaches in their luggage, the man reportedly said they were part of a home remedy for a skin condition his wife had.

"They were part of an old folk remedy. You mix the roaches in some medicinal cream and put it on your skin," the security guard quoted the man as saying.

The man refused to elaborate on what his wife's skin condition was.

The couple however left the roaches behind after being told they wouldn't be allowed to board the plane with them.



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