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A settlement is a place which contains buildings in which people live. It may consist of a few houses or it may cover

many square kilometers and contain not only houses but shops,




government bulidings,

places of entertainment and other buildings


i.Water supply – settlements need water, they often locate on wet point sites for this.

Settlements built away from rivers and water supplies to avoid flooding are located at dry point sites.


Defence – building on high ground allowed people the chance to look out for enemies (e.g. Edinburgh castle) while surrounding a settlement with water also helped with deed defence e.g. Durham is built inside a meander.


Aspect and shelter – In the northern hemisphere south facing slopes receive more sunlight and are protected from cold Northerly winds.

More settlements and agricultural land is therefore located on South facing slopes Communications

– settlements often located next to rivers that could be easily crossed.

These are called bridging points. Other favourable places included where at the junctions of valleys or in gaps through hills.

These locations allowed maximum communication between different settlements and increased trade. E.g. Newcastle is built on the Tyne at a bridging point and could benefit with trade from the North and the South


1.Housing- lack of house and cant afford of

proper housing. Development of squatter


2.Water supply- shortage of water supply due to

the demand of water supply and poor piping


3.Transport- too many cars in major cities. Poor

public transport system

4.Pollution- domestic and industrial waste

contribute to land pollution in urban areas



(ii)road transport

(iii) railways transport

(iv) postal transit


(i) soil erosion: owing to heavy rainfall, the roads and

railway tracks are often washed away.

(ii)prensence of marshy areas: this also limits the

devlopment of road and railways. this can only be

overcome through the construction of fly overs

(iii)poor visibility: this is a peculiar problem to air and ocean

trnasportation due to formation of fog in the atmosphere.


(i)movement of goods and services:transportaion ensures

the movement of goods and services from point of origin to

their destination point in urban and industrial area. e.g

perishable goods, military equipment.

(ii0specific purpose: air transport could be used for mineral

prospecting and air surveyin g for map making.

(iii)opening up new lands and areas: through various

means of transportation, new areas are opened and even

some inaccessible places are brought to limelight for proper


(iv)increased production: transportation enables people to

increase their production either in agricultural, mineral or

industrial goods.

(v)employment: all means of transportation obtain license

from government and pay taxes which enable a coutry to

get revenue




iii)town in each of the forest belt

-Rain forest-ondo,oyo,oshogbo

-High forest-port harcourt,warri

iv)plank,log of wood

b)i)some of the trees wither in dry season and sprout at

the begining of raining season

ii)plant species include acacia,date plam,silk cotton plants

iii)it has many short grasses and scattered short decidious


iv)some trees have thorns while others have thick barks


i)climatic factor;-high rainfall and high relative

humidity,including high temperature favours production of

palm oil

ii)Edaphic factor;-the humus soil west region favours palm

oil production.the soil is slightly alkaline in nature

iii)Versatility of palm kennel;-palm kennel is used for many

products got from it which includes broom,oil,palm


iv)High market value;-the palm oil products are essential

foreign exchange product bringing about its mass


v)socio economic factor;-the economic value of palm oil

because of its source of vitamins in food makesit an

essential raw material for agro allied industries


-problem of pests and diseases

-problem of inadequate capital

-negligience of palm production for petroleum

-problem of lack of farm mechnization

-problem of inadequate storage facilities


International or external trade is the exchange of capital, goods,

and services across international borders or territories.

In most countries, such trade represents a significant

share of gross domestic product


-Unavailability of Good transportion:

-Inadequate Wide Market.

-Unavailabily of Common Currency.

- Changes in Climate

- Changes in Soil fertility.


i. Availabily of Good Transfortation will improve the Trade between nigeria and ghana

ii. When theres is enough chances in marketing,it stimulate and enhances the rapid growth of trade between Ghana and Nigeria.

iii. easy Means Of Communication

iv. Availability Of Common Currency


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