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Hello wapbazian, we admins are begging u guyz to comment in d forum, cuz it encourages d admins to post more threads for u guyz, u pple only comment on stuffs lyk Exam expos, football betting, and if u want to parcitipate in diz ongoing football betting, u guyz nid to comment on other threads, cuz u may predicts rightly and u will nt b given d prices, datz d punishment 4 u, In diz coming GCE exam, if u pple don't start to comment we may not post d exam anwsers for u guyz. We employed good and skillful admins for u guyz so that u guyz can b current but u don't comment on forum. We help u by posting threads, plz help us by ur comments

Note:- At the end of the year, some prices will be given to pple dat participate in the forum and teach them some skills like how to hack acctz e.g 2go, gmail fb nd so on, and some tutorial how to be rich on internet, We are begging u guyz now, u may beg us to post d gce ansa, we may nt ansa u oo. Prevention is better than Cure

Please Stay on the line and comments to all threads!!

By All Administrators!!



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