Bride-to-be Mocked For 'tall' Wedding Ring That 'could Take Someone's Eye Out'

By 05:45 Fri, 27 Sep 2019 Comments

A bride-to-be has been mocked for her 'tall' wedding ring that people are saying will be a 'nightmare with jumpers'.

The woman, known only as Stacey, shared a picture of her ring to Facebook group 'That's it, I'm ring shaming'.

Stacey asked for the group's opinions on her "classic but boring" ring.

Many were quick to comment on the height of the diamond - jokingly asking if the ring hits its head on a door frame as she walks through.

Another commented: "You'll take someones eye out with that".

Others thought more practically about day-to-day problems Stacey could face with the tall diamond.

One person said: "Good luck wearing sweaters with that" and another added: "So tall, it must catch on everything."

Another said: "I feel like I could literally flick the diamond out of the setting."



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