So Actress Uche Ogbodo Dumped Her Sick Husband In Hospital ?? (SEE PHOTOS)

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So Many So called big girls today are only interested in a man when all is well with him and he can spoil them with money and expensive gifts. Once the man suffer any mishap, no matter the fact that it is temporary, they will run. And this is even more rampant among Nollywood babes.

From latest information coming out in actress Uche Ogbodo’s marriage break up saga, it appears she dumped her husband because the man is battling with some challenges. Uche had told SDK that the man lied to her and she even claimed that he never married her, adding “we did only introduction”.

But the man, who is based abroad, has just went through a brain surgery and he is still recovering. He almost cried when he heard all that the actress he married as his wife said about him.

According to SDK, Ato, her now estranged husband, is presently recovering from brain surgery, his friends said his only mistake was falling in love with “a wrong woman” in the person of Uche Ogbodo.

The man’s father, a Pastor, said he was shocked when he heard Uche’s lies. His words:

“We went to her village and paid the bride price and after that she was still bearing her fathers name, I don’t know why she didn’t change it. If she is saying now that she is not married then she has divorced herself. Marriage is not by force. I am the father of Ato and I am telling you now that what she told you is a lie.

I am a servant of God and I cannot tell lies, if she is saying that “she is not married that means she has rejected us. if she has problems with my son this is the wrong way to go about it but we leave it all to God. I am a veteran Journalist, thank you for balancing this story by calling us because we were shocked when people started calling us to say Uche has denied marrying our son.”

Wonders shall never end. Guys, marriage is not easy o. Please always look well before you carry overload!



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