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Answers to the questions


Humour is another dramatic technique which is portrayed in d

play. It is a source of humour for catherine to tell of her

discovery as ther electric bell and library. A soldier carries

weapons for protection, but the man, captain bluntschli

carries chocolates in place of ammunition.

8. Algernon lives in the city and is a social dandy with

luxuriant tastes and leisurely manners.

On the other hand, jack was a foundling and has a house in

the country where he is the guardian of his benefactor,s

grand daughter, cecily cardew.

While jack seems to be the symbol of decorum, algernon is

the epitome of d victorian Dandy.


In sola owonibi's "Homeless not Hopeless", the use of

metaphor is significant because it is a device that accounts

for the effectiveness of the poem. This is aptly captured in

the following lines:

"as the day chameleons to night",

"...Angels,we open gates of your destiny".

1.) He is morally a bankrupt man, who offers money to the

doctor for

abortion but the doctor declines. He is an example of a bad

father. He

was educated up to standard seven and he wants his

daughter to be

trained in the european ways and because of this he gives

her to mrs.

Borofosem who latter ruins her life. He is one of the


semi-literate Africans in the play

3.) the gods as represented by lawumi ensure that

vengeance is carried

out on owu people for carrying out a sacrilegious war against

ife. She

sends and offers full support to the allied forces who sack

owu. She

in turn revenges on the allied forces who abused her shrine.


allied forces after gaining victory you to carry out their


to the last person.

The decision to kill the little boy aderogun who was still


carried at the back by her mother is a product of vengeance.


the maye, joins the army in order to avenge his wife whom

the owu

soldiers violated by carrying her to the town.

Maye Okunade and lyunloye, who hitherto lived like husband

and wife

got seperated because of unforseen circumstances now get


reconciled as a result of the maye's vengeance. Maze

okunade because

of love user his influence as the commander of the allied

forces to

secure the determination of her fate in his my hand, since

she is his


6) This theme is demonstrated in the relationship that exist btw

Raina and sergius, Raina and Blunts chil, louka and Nicola, and

louka and sergius. All these characters are into different degree

of love relationship, some of which cumulated in marriage.

Raina's love for sergius is the romantic idealist love that exist

mainly on paper. This type of love cannot face reality. Raina

and sergius worship each others untested integrity,

nobility,purity and greatness but fall apart at the first contact

with realities. The comming of realitic and pratical bluntschil

destroy rainas romantic obession with sergius. She went

brought into real-life love certain weakness at the expenses of

sergius. Her new love relationship with bluntschil eventually

blossomed into marriage.

7.) Irony: it is indeed an irony that lack, whom lady Bracknel


because of his poor background, eventually turns out to be

her nephew,

thus transforming to a rich background. Similarly, lady

Bracknel whom

jack gates so much and criticises, turns out to be his aunt. It


equally an irony that lack the child lost twenty-eight years

ago in a

bag turns out to be in the custody of thesame bag in which

he got

lost, thereby solving the riddle of his loss.

*(7ii). Allusion: by mentioning the french revolution, the


alludes the evil deeds and effects of Napoleon's wars of


Again lack excuses miss prism's supposed immoral life

occasioned by

her prolonged sprinsterhood. he forgives her and says she

does not

merit being stoned. This is a clear allusion to the woman in


bible, in john 8:4-11, whom jesus forgave and set free and


not to continue in her adulterous life. Finally, by questioning


rationale behind having one law for men and another for

women, lack is

no doubt alluding to the much-talked-about gender


*(7iii). Suspense: The play is soaked in suspense, from the

beginning to the

end. Tension grips the reader who cannot wait to know lack's


hope, having suffered greatly. The reader wants to know the

outcome of

his disappearance. His faith is only known when he returns

with the

bag and miss prism recognizes it.

Wordsworth was a central writer

of the Romantic movement in the

Victorian era known as English Romanticism. It is full of key

Romantic features

in its form, language and themes. The poet in the first verse

tells us

he ‘Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ This simile,of the poet


himself to a cloud conveys the image of him floating loftily


dreamily, like someone with romantic ideals. ‘The

Daffodils’ ,the

central symbol of the poem are personified i.e given human


‘Fluttering and dancing in the breeze’ and are what the poet

sees as

he walks. The daffodils ‘Out do the



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