Woman Often Mistaken For A Teenager Surprises TikTok Fans With Her Real Age

By 04:35 Sun, 02 Aug 2020 Comments

A woman has revealed how often she is asked her age thanks to her youthful look – and her real age has amazed viewers.

Sakina Jabeen, from Manchester, filmed an "age reveal" video on TikTok as she answered viewers' questions.

In the clip, she writes: "So people are always asking how old I am..."

The visual effects pop up with a series of numbers – 22, 26, 28 – then she gestures to brush it off before eventually revealing that she is 35 years old.

The video sent shockwaves on social media and hundreds of people were baffled by her ageless look.

Sakina replied to her fans that she has followed skin routine to keep her face wrinkleless and radiant.

She added that genetics is also playing a huge role in her youthful look.

Some people commented that Sakina looks like Laura Marano, a 24-year-old American actress.

One said: "Honestly you are very beautiful and looks like a schoolgirl."

Others were convinced she was "19" while another wrote: "Very well maintained!"

She also hit back to some comments that said the heavy makeup contributed to her young look.

Sakin did a makeup removal video to reveal her natural flawless skin.

She said in the clip: "I may look different but taking off my makeup doesn't make me look old."

Meanwhile, a young mum also revealed her age in a TikTok video after getting asked if she is her son's sister.

Dayna Qazi, 34, recorded the video with her 21-year-old son and showed her followers that she treated her son like her best friend.



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