Dencia Arrest Saga! Rep Tells NAFDAC Boss To Get Laid By His Wife Or Side Chick

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Lol, these girls tho. So a

drama has been quietly going

on, until Netng contacted

Dencia and her rep, and all

hell let loose. The Director-

General of NAFDAC, Dr Paul

Orhii was quoted to have said

the agency will arrest Dencia

any time soon for selling a

product that might cause skin


Dr Paul was quoted at the

recently held Nigerian

Entertainment Industry Health

Insurance Convention which

took place on Tuesday, July

22, 2014, at the Grand

Ballroom of Eko Hotel and

Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos,

to have said, ‘There is this

Cameroonian singer that has

been going around with a

cream…if I get her, she’ll be


In a bid to get Dencia’s

reaction on the issue to know

if her product was legal in

Nigeria or not, Netng

contacted Dencia who then

referred them to her rep who

didn't take the matter lightly.

What the rep said;

‘Whitenicious is not made in

Nigeria and has no

connections with Nigeria.

Doesn’t Nigeria have more

problems than worry about

Dencia? Arrest Dencia lol how

do you arrest a US citizen?

Smh African leaders need to

focus on Africa and stop

joining the bandwagon for

fame’, a rep for the singer

told NET via e-mail.

As for the accusations on

selling a product that causes

cancer, Dencia’s rep says the

agency is committing an act of

defamation against the

singer’s brand. ‘Whitenicious

has been in the market for

under 7 months and all these

vicious lies and attack

someone will pay for it and

maybe it will be NAFDAC

incase they didn’t get a simple

law class you don’t make such

comments about anyone and

their business especially

because no one has had any

cancer like they claim. This is


Her rep then goes on a full-

scale rant: ‘They need to

study more and talk less.

Nigeria has more issues than

Whitenicious, Nigeria has

worst pollution that

Whitenicious, maybe he can

put his energy into fixing

roads and giving the masses

clean water and lights to keep

them healthy since he is

worried about a cosmetic that

isn’t a drug. Where is Dencia

selling the products in

Nigeria? Does she have a

store there? Why are people

so pompous? He (Orhii)

should get a life or maybe get

laid by his wife or side chicks.

Dencia doesn’t care and

wouldn’t even give it any

attention because it is that




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