History Waec Expo 2020 Free Answers (History Essay & Objectives)

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Thursday, 20th August, 2020*

History 2 (Essay) – 13:00 hrs. – 15:00 hrs.

History 1 (Objective) – 15:00 hrs. – 16:00 hrs.





INSTRUCTION: Answer at least one (1) Question from this section


(Pick any 3)

(i) Nok

(ii) Igbo Ukwu

(iii) Ife

(iv) Benin


(i) Ancient civilization helped Nigerians to be creative from the time of 1500-1800 Cultures like Nok Culture Helped in creating Artifacts.

(ii) It educates Nigerians on trading which mostly was done in the Benin ancient civilization.

(iii) It also promoted culture, like the IFE kingdom in the yoruba land.



(i) The desire of the British government to have a firm control of Lagos politically and economically. So that other European powers especially France would no longer eye Lagos again.

(ii) To see that slave trade was the thing of the past and to put an end to kidnappers who formerly oppressed them.

(iii) To bring about peaceful reading activities without any obstacle whatsoever. They wanted to ensure stability in where they settled so as to have a good business atmosphere which they would profit from.

(iv) They also had the intention to make sure that the people in lagos engaged in good ventures business that were not akin to space trade. Such as trade in palm oil, cotton and other items that would be of use to the home industries in England.

(v) The only major port was Lagos which the British wanted badly for the export of Nigeria resources to Europe.



INSTRUCTION: Answer at least one (1) Question from this section


(i) He created a yoruba bible.

(ii) He influenced the government to build churches.

(iii) He also gave them highlight Of missionary schools.

(iv) He taught about agricultural Practices.

(iv) He helped bring end to slave in Nigeria.



INSTRUCTION: Answer at least one (1) Question from this section



(i) Its powers were too weak and its influence inadequate to deal with the internal and external conflicts.

(ii) human rights abuses, poverty.

(iii) underdevelopment from which much of Africa suffered.

(iv) The OAU was also considered incapable of meeting the challenges of globalization.


(i) Several challenges lie ahead for the African Union from an election crisis in Democratic Republic of Congo.

(ii) tension between Sudan and South Sudan.

(iii) the bloody war and famine in Somalia.

(iv) Senegal's electoral troubles.

(v) to the challenges of restoring peace in Libya and Egypt.



(i) Lack Of Agricultural development (food security) and crime, violence (including domestic violence).

(ii) Bad Environmental sustainability and climate change initiatives and lack of opportunity for all (social, racial, religious).

(iii) Poor Facilitation and effective regulation of trade-in-goods and trade-in-services (addressing tariff and non-tariff barriers, regulatory obstacles).

(iv) Poor Financial market governance and regulation and high rate of foreign direct investment (FDI) generation and management.

(v) Bad public sector governance (efficiency, efficacy and financial management of government services, reforming fiscal system Very Poor











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