Mum's Haunting Last Words To Teenage Daughter Before She Was Swept Away By River

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A mum's haunting last words to her teenage daughter before she was swept away by river have been revealed.

Emma Carter said "be safe" to her teenage daughter Nicola when she left for a day out over the summer with a friend and her younger brother.

On August 21, 2020, Nicola Williams headed for a day out during the holidays after the first coronavirus lockdown was over.

The devoted big sister, known to her family as Nikki, wanted to enjoy the summer ahead of starting Year 11 at school.

She was making the most of life after lockdown, teaching 10-year-old brother AJ about “all the things that kids get up to” after buying her school uniform ready for the following month.

But in a unthinkable set of circumstances Nikki got into trouble while playing in the River Rhymney near Ball Road in Cardiff, reports Wales Online.

Despite a large rescue effort that lasted over an hour, sadly the talented singer could not be saved after she was swept away by a strong current.

It was a tragedy which left the community in mourning, sparking an outpouring of generosity to help a family during their darkest hours.

Now, Emma has bravely shared Nikki's legacy ahead of what would have been her 16th birthday next week, and to urge people to respect a memorial created at the site of her death.

Emma, 42, said: "She was playing with her brother and her friend. They told me they were going to the lakes, I didn’t even know they had gone to the river.

"It was her friend who rung me at five to five that night and she said 'Nikki’s in the river, we can’t find her'.

"We had to go down there as quickly as we could, when I was stood on the bridge I still had the kids on the end of the phone because we had to locate where they were.

"My partner had run past and grabbed my phone, he found the kids and dived in to try and find Nik and he couldn’t find her.

"I’m the one that made the call to the emergency services when I finally could.

"[The weather ] was a bit iffy, it was Storm Ellen at the time. I said to Nik I really don't think you should go but she said mum 'don't be silly, we'll be fine'.

"The last thing I said to her was be safe and then she never came home."



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