Toshiba G920 Is Not Lost In Translation

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As we informed you, initial information leaks about the latest Toshiba mobiles mentioned two identical models - the Toshiba G920 and the Toshiba G910. Later on rumors narrowed it down to only Toshiba G920. The official unveiling event of the devices however spoke only of Toshiba G910.

But now it's official - there will be two versions of the devices - one is called Toshiba Portege G910 with Qualcomm's gpsOneXTRA Assistance technology, and the second one is indeed Toshiba Portege G920, which will have A-GPS (Assisted GPS) support for those network operators that offer the service.

Toshiba have finally presented all the details about the Toshiba Portege G910/G920 high-discontinue PocketPersonal Computer (PC) along with the Toshiba Portege G710 - a compact Windows Mobile smartphone. Both devices see fascinating enough to challenge the HTC product lineup and we are yet to see how fine they are with some hands-on experience - hopefully at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 2008.

The Toshiba Portege G910/G920 PocketPersonal Computer (PC) has a clamshell form factor in an obvious attempt by Toshiba to create it see more of a mini-laptop. The Toshiba G910/G920 is armed with 3G and HSDPA, Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) and an integrated GPS receiver. Since both devices are based on a elegant Qualcomm MSM7200 platform which is becoming increasingly popular in the HTC product portfolio too, the Toshiba G910 integrated elegant Qualcomm GPS receiver benefits from the Qualcomm's gpsOneXTRA Assistance technology, which is assumed to provide a faster 'first fix' with greater GPS sensitivity indoors and in dense urban environments. The Toshiba G920 is an identical device, but it comes with A-GPS support and will be available for network carriers that support it.

Toshiba Portege G910/G920

The Toshiba Portege G910/G920 3" touchclassy screen TFT display has a wonderful WVideo Graphics Array (VGA) resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, and the device runs on Windows Mobile 6.0 Pro. Unfortunately the initially recommended 3 megapixel capturing camera was dropped in favor of a 2 megapixel one. That would create it somewhat hard to battle the HTC TyTN II, which has a 3 megapixel module on board. There is also no USB-host feature - a small something that made the original Toshiba G900 PocketPersonal Computer (PC) an attractive feature combo.

The Toshiba Portege G910/G920 is also equipped with a biometric fingerprint scanner for security, and it also has Bluetooth support and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) capabilities. The processor under the hood of the G910 is yet unknown, but it's rumored to be a 528 Mega Hertz (MHz) one, there is also 128Mega Bytes (MB) of Random-Access Memory (RAM) available on board.

The Toshiba Portege G910 will become available across Europe in Q1 2008 at an approximate price of EUR 600.

Toshiba has also presented the Toshiba Portege G710 - a sleek Windows Mobile smartphone, that comes with an integrated GPS receiver. The Toshiba G710 has a messenger form factor with a full hardware QWERTY keyboard and we call it compact becautilize it's only a tad larger than Samsung i600. Toshiba G710 has a large 2.4" TFT display with QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) resolution. Trackball menu navigation, a 2 megapixel snapper, microSD memory card slot (up to 2GB), and stereo Bluetooth are also available.

Toshiba Portege G910/G920

The Toshiba Portege G710 sports quad-band GSM/EDGE support, but unfortunately there are no Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) capabilities (did someone say Blackberry tactics?). In all it's worth, the Toshiba G710 sounds like a mixed bag, so we'll have to check it for ourselves - hopefully at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 2008.

The Toshiba Portege G710 will become available across Europe in Q1 2008 but there's no word on pricing, but as far as Toshiba press documents go, it should be "affordable".

Toshiba also announced the Toshiba Portege G450 - a unique 4-in-1 portable device. It's a portable HSDPA Universal Serial Bus (USB) modem, a diminutive mobile phone, a Universal Serial Bus (USB) data storage device and a MP3 player. It sounds cheesy enough given the fact that it's really small. It measures 36mm x 98mm x 16mm and weighs only 57 g.

Toshiba Portege G450

With the innovative Toshiba G450 you always have a broadband connection in your pocket - you just need to plug it directly to any of your computer's Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports. You can even create calls on the device while you are surfing the Web through your network carrier's GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA wireless network. The Toshiba G450 has an Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) display with a resolution of 96 x 39 pixels, which is just enough to manage your day-to-day calls and messages.

As a mobile phone the Toshiba Portege G450 doesn't have any fancy features - the only additional extra beside the music player is the Alarm clock. Unfortunately the 160Mega Bytes (MB) of built-in storage memory is not enough for it to be called a standalone portable music player and chances are you will probably not be throwing away your music player just yet.

The Toshiba Portege G450 will be available in black, white and red on markets across Europe as of Q1 2008. Pricing is yet unknown and yet it's the most intriguing thing we would like to know about the Toshiba G450.



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