Samsung Spawn The Beat Edition - Meet The Beat B And Beat S

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Today Samsung unveils its whole Beat family of music-oriented devices. It includes the already announced Samsung M3510 but will also feature a slider - the Samsung M3200. We happened to acquire a pre-release M3200 unit so we will also be providing live shots aside from the dry official specs sheet.

Samsung M3200 a.k.a. Beat s

The Samsung M3200 Beat s is a slider with metallic finish and dedicated music keys. Samsung are obviously continuing their naming convention of using superscript letters in their model designations. In this case it's the letter "S" that's supposed to be superscript, but you'll have to excutilize our typographic misrepresentation (we hope you acquire the sarcastic note here).

Samsung M3200 Beat s

We already trecent we have a M3200 pre-release version. We will be providing you with a detailed review of the handset next week, however for now you can check both the M3200 360-degree spin, as well as some of our live shots.

Samsung M3200 Beat s live photos

The Samsung M3200 Beat s sports a number of music-oriented features beside the already mentioned dedicated music keys. It's got stereo loudspeakers, a Bang&Olufsen ICEpower audio chip, a 3.5mm audio jack, stereo Bluetooth, Frequency Modulation (FM) radio with RDS and audio recording, and finally a music player Shake control thanks to the built-in acccelerometer.

Samsung's alternative to Shake control is called Motion Play. It's a unique feature for the Samsung portfolio and a similar control has been implemented only in several Sony Ericsson Walkman phones. It allows you to play or pautilize music with a tap on the phone, mute the music by turning the phone face down, or change tracks by shaking it.

Again, much like the Walkmans, the Samsung Beat s offers mood-based track sorting so you can always tune your track to your current mood.

The Samsung M3200 Beat s also boasts Samsung's latest DNSe technology (Digital Natural Sound engine). According to the manufacturer it should provide more natural sound effects, overcoming the limitations of sound from earphones and small speakers in portable devices. Handsets with DNSe technology should be able to reproduce a genuine 3D sound and deep bass resonance.

Another first in the M3200 Beat is the 'Auto EQ' function. It automatically changes the current equalizer preset according to the genre and type of the music users listen to.

And finally, in a last competing go against Walkmans, Samsung have equipped their handsets with a music recognition feature (like TrackID). It's the Shazam's 'Find Music' service. By recording and sending a tune to Shazam server, users can easily learn a track name and artist.

Beside the rich music features, the Samsung M3200 Beat s sports quad-band Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) support, a 2-inch QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) display and a 2 megapixel camera. A microSD memory card slot is also on board with support for cards up to 8GB.

The Samsung M3200 Beat s should be available some time in October 2008.

Samsung M3510 a.k.a. Beat b

The Samsung M3510 Beat has already been announced a couple of weeks ago. The news today is that it will be pet-named the Samsung Beat b, which simply means it's a bar-shaped device from the recent Beat family.

The Samsung Beat b is a slim music-centric bar standing at only 9.9mm. It's got the same music features as the M3200 Beat s with the only exception of the Bang&Olufsen ICEpower audio chip.

Samsung M3510 Beat

The Samsung M3510 Beat also has quad-band Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) support, a 2-inch QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) display and a 2 megapixel capturing camera - all that's packed in a body that's only 9.9mm thick. A microSD memory card slot, stereo Bluetooth (A2DP) and Frequency Modulation (FM) radio with RDS are also on board.

The Samsung M3510 Beat b will be available as of this month.



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