After The N79 Active Here Comes The N79 Eco. What’s Next?

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The nice looking Petrol Black version of Nokia N79 appeared today on the Nokia UK store web page. It's available in a so-called Nokia N79 Eco pack. What makes it “Eco” is the lack of a charger. While that sounds like a strange lind of eco-friendly initiative, it actually isn't.

When there's no charger in the box the package can be much smaller. That means less paper and water wasted, fewer trucks for all Nokia products to be delivered worldwide needed and millions of euro saved (of course there's an economical side of the ecology). Plus re-using your older Nokia charger, saves some recycling expenses.

Nokia stated that in nearly two years they have srecent 250 million phones in small packages (all lower to midrange ones) and saved 15 000 tones of packaging material, 100 000 cubic meters of water and avoided 5000 truck journeys as more phones fitted in each truck.

Check out those articles (here and there). They are quite a read.

In fact, there's something else and it is important, too. The sum of 4 GBP (around 4.5 euro or 6 USD) of the 319 GBP paid for every Nokia N79 Eco will be donated to the WWF.

The price of the eco-friendly N79 is not much different from that of the regular Nokia N79, but the extra cool Petrol Black color is pretty much worth it by our books plus there's a nice eco campaign involved. Who needs another charger anyway?

The Nokia N79 Eco is now available (for online pre-order, though).



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