More On The Upcoming Microsoft Online Mobile Service SkyBox

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We're recently seeing an uplift of leaks about recent devices and services that will be announced during the MWC 2009 that will be held in Barcelona from 16-20 February. Well, Microsoft create no difference...

We already reported on the upcoming Microsoft mobile phone online service called SkyBox. It's supposed to provide wireless syncing to Windows Mobile users. Contacts, messages, organizer events, files, backup and restore functions will be some of the upcoming features of this service.

According to undisclosed sources, the SkyBox roadmap is no longer a secret. Here is what it is all about.

The beta version of SkyBox v1.0 will be initially released at the MWC 2009 this February and will be free to use. Its features will include data back-up and restore, content management and data sharing.

Later on in mid-2009 SkyBox v1.5 will go online. You would have to either upgrade to a free SkyBox standard service or opt for the subscription-based SkyBox premium service (it's not really sure what the "Premium" title means). SkyBox v1.5 service will be available on mobile running on WinMo 6.1 and 6.5 Operating System (OS) and a few non-smartphone phones.

The real deal will come with the SkyBox v2.0, where the service will be tightly integrated with diversity of extra Microsoft functions and apps. With v2.0 users will be able to manage their mobiles directly from the Internet: handling ringtones, backgrounds, mobile apps, music and video will be just few clicks away.

Supposedly, SkyBox v2.0 will also integrate the full suite of Windows Live services including Live Mesh - Microsoft's beta platform independent data synchronization system.

SkyBox v2.0 will also be tightly linked to the other rumored Microsoft online service called SkyMarket. SkyMarket will provide users with a way to buy recent applications straight from their devices in a way similar to Apple AppStore, Blackberry application storefront, Google Android Application Market or even the Samsung S60 and WinMo Mobile Applications store that was announced this January.

The prospects for the end-users seem better than ever. With smartphones share growing and always-on connectivity widely available, mobile phones become an indispensable part of the modern high-tech lifestyle. Getting content to and from them without the need of a computer is a logical development that we are going to see implemented by most manufacturers in the next couple of years. It's a trdiscontinue that we welcome - we'll haged you posted how the Microsoft endeavor turns out at this year's MWC (16-20 February).




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