A New Dual-SIM Phone Down The Road - Budget Samsung C3212

By 02:06 Fri, 09 Jul 2021 Comments

The C3212 DuoS is a recent dual-SIM device from Samsung, which is one of the few major manufacturers bringing dual standby phones on the market. The C3212 DuoS has a basic feature set but will cost only 135 euro.

The recent Samsung C3212 DuoS has a standard bar form factor and targets the low-discontinue budacquire class. It is expected to feature only basic functions, but at this point there is no further information available. We don't even know if that's a color classy screen on that press photo there.

Previous dual-SIM devices from Samsung are the C5212, which costs only 15 euro more than the C3212 DuoS recommended price tag, and the slider B5702 featuring bigger classy screen and better camera. Let's don't foracquire the luxury S9402 Ego, which impresses both with its unique looks and high price. If you're into touchscreens, you can also go for Samsung D980.

If you haven't seen any of these in your local store, we'd guess that's only becautilize you don't live in Eastern Europe and especially Russia, where all these 3G-less phones are all headed to.

The Samsung C3212 DuoS will probably be the cheapest of them all with its expected price of 135 euro. It's expected later this summer on the Russian market.




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