Samsung Unveils 1GHz CPU, Full HD-capable Camera Module

By 04:48 Fri, 09 Jul 2021 Comments

Remember that 1Giga Hertz (GHz) CPU, which Samsung announced as Hummingbird not too long ago? It turns out this isn’t the only project that has been keeping the company R&D department busy recently. Today, along with the official name of the ARM Cortex-A8 smartphone processor the Korean company also announced its bigger brother, intended for usage in netbooks and a 5 megapixel system-on-chip image sensor, capable of processing 1080p video at 30 fps.

Both the S5PC110 (smartphone chipset) and S5PV210 (its netbook alternative) are optimized to ensure long battery life for mobile devices, using a 45-nanometer (nm) Low Power fabrication process and low power architectures. With the 1Giga Hertz (GHz) clock speed and 512Kilo Bytes (KB) L2 cache, these processors should also manage to provide performance unknown to the ARM world so far.

The two processors have built-in 3D graphics engine and support 1080p full HD video playback and recording at 30 fps. The final nice features of the recent chipset include a wide variety of interfaces and peripherals, including HDMI 1.3and Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 host interface.

That kind of processing power will most certainly be coupled with the 5 megapixel image sensor we mentioned (or some other of its kind) to create the first full HD video recording mobile phone. Considering that the capturing camera module in question also offers xenon flash, mechanical shutter and of course auto focus that should create for a pretty decent shooter to say the least.

The capturing camera module will enter mass production from January next year, while the first samples of the two Central Processing Units (CPUs) will be available in December. Maybe we should be expecting something pretty gigantic thrown our way at the next Mobile World Congress in February.




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