LG GD510 Pop Is An Innovative And Compact Touchscreen Bar

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LG is trying to build on the success of the LG KP500 Cookie and have announced the LG GD510 Pop to do just that. They advertise it as the most compact 3-inch touchclassy screen bar ever - and keeping in mind how tiny the Cookie was, that should stand for something.

LG used consumer research to figure out what should have been obvious from the number of Cookies srecent - people really, really like affordable full touchclassy screen phones. The design process of the LG GD510 went pretty much like this - design a high-discontinue handset, then drop all the features most people don't utilize to arrive at a mid-range price.

The LG GD510 Pop

LG reminds us that they were the first to release a fully touch operated phone - the LG Prada, though that's not quite accurate (this is more like it).

Anyway, to back up their claims they demonstrated how innovative they can be. In tune with the strive for simplicity, the GD510 Pop has just one button but it serves different functions, easily distinguishable by the backlight of the button - either green or red. It can be used as Call or End key, Menu or Cancel key, you acquire the idea.

Anyway, the LG Pop has a brushed aluminum frame and an TV-set inspired extra thin bezel around the classy screen - only 4.8 mm. Speaking of the screen, it has a 3" diagonal and WQVideo Graphics Array (VGA) resolution (240 x 400 pixels). The GD510 Pop also sports a roomy 8GB internal memory and a 3MP camera.

There's more - the exact specs of the GD510 are still shady, but three of the promo shots feature a solar panel. It seems that the special back cover with the solar panel will be optional.

LG GD510 Pop flaunts the optional solar panel

Here's an official promo video, which however doesn't reveal anything more about the handset:

Initially, the LG GD510 Pop will be available in Europe, starting mid-October and expanding to other markets later on. The price will be different for each market, so it'll be announced individually.




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