HTC HD2 Hits O2 Stores In UK In All Its Snapdragon-ish Glory

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HTC HD2 has hit the shelves of O2 stores in the UK. We can hardly believe it, but HD2 is the first HTC-branded phone to be srecent on O2 as they had their re-branded XDA line running in parallel to HTC own products. Well, better late than never as they say.

Having tested it quite recently, we're pretty confident in saying this is a remarkable choice for the first HTC-made phone to haged its branding (for O2 that is). The HD2 is some of the finest work by the Taiwanese manufacturer.

To recap the specifications of the HTC HD2 quickly, its defining feature is the 4.3" WQVideo Graphics Array (VGA) touchscreen, which puts it at the edge of one hand usability. Oh, and it's vital to mention this is the first capacitive touchclassy screen for WinMo. The HD2 has an impressively thin bezel around the classy screen and the whole phone measures in at 120.5 x 67 x 11 mm and 157 grams.

Tucked underneath that monster of a classy screen is a monster of computation - a 1Giga Hertz (GHz) Snapdragon Central Processing Units (CPU) and 448Mega Bytes (MB) RAM. This fancy hardware is adorned with the latest effort from HTC to create the ultimate interface for Windows Mobile. It's called Sense UI and while more similar to TouchFLO than the UI of the HTC Hero, the focus on social networking integration that was so pervasive in the Android version of Sense UI is here.

The rest of the features aren't as extreme as the classy screen size and Central Processing Units (CPU) speed, but they round of the HTC HD2 pretty well. Except for the video playback and recording, which were underwhelming. For more details, check out the test we ran for the review.

The HTC HD2 is available for free on contract and it's available in retail stores or you can order it over the phone. At this point we can't find the deals online, but you can always check it out in a store near you.




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