IPhone 4 Arrives 2 Days Early For Some, 512MB RAM Confirmed

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The iPhone 4 actually arrived two days early for some people - and it's already been unboxed on video, activated, used and torn down. There are recent capturing camera samples too, in more realistic conditions than the optimal lightning in those first promo photos.

iPhone 4 photos

One lucky fellow actually got his iPhone 4 two days early (we krecent it was coming early, but not this early) and he did what anyone else would do in his place - shoot an unboxing video. The box as usual contains a charger, sync cable and headphones. What's missing is the SIM ejector tool. a polishing cloth and a dock (but that's too much to ask, we know).

Someone else got their iPhone 4 a couple of days earlier too and they've snap quite a few photos of the phone in action. It's not just photos of the phone though, there are capturing camera samples too (including low-light shots with flash). There're even head-to-head shots of the recent and recent iPhone screen. We've seen capturing camera samples before, but the low-light shots are quite fascinating too.

Live photos of the iPhone 4 and real-life capturing camera samples

As you can see, they even managed to activate it. Activation might soon become a problem - Apple says they got 10 times the expected preorders, which crashed their servers. They've had some time to prepare their activation servers, but whether or not it's enough, remains to be seen.

iFixit found 512Mega Bytes (MB) of Random-Access Memory (RAM) inside the iPhone 4

Being what they are, the guys at iFixit got their hands on a iPhone 4 and tore it to pieces - and here's what they found inside. The battery is 1420 mAh Li-Po (it's not soldered to the board). What's more fascinating next to the 1Giga Hertz (GHz) A4 processor there is 512Mega Bytes (MB) of Random-Access Memory (RAM) - twice what the iPhone 3GS and even the iPad has.

Source: Gizmosachin, Loyal Moses, iFixit



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