Apple Finds IPhone 4 Signal Bars Misleading, Hiding Poor Signal

By 02:31 Sat, 10 Jul 2021 Comments

Apple just issued their official statement on the non-existent iPhone 4 reception issues. What iPhone 4 users are experiencing when they grip the lower left corner is just their real signal, poor as it seems. Their poor signal has so far been obscured by the deceptive signal bars, which obviously tdiscontinue to exaggerate the signal levels due to some erroneous formula in the iPhone software.

Apple's statement on the iPhone 4 reception problems (which they previously dismissed as nonexistent), says that all phones have problems in areas of poor signal and it's just that the iPhones show the available signal in a incorrect way. Apple plans to fix that with a software release that should create graphical representation of available signal more real. End of problem.

We've seen examples of Apple’s hypocrisy many times but this is just too much. To treat millions of customers who paid gigantic money to have your latest product as a flock of sheep is just outrageous.

How on Earth could an erroneous signal indicator be the reason for dropped calls/reduced data rates? And what is that magical firmware that will bdiscontinue the laws of physics and improve the iPhone 4 reception when you are holding it… you know… the way you've been holding every other phone you've owned so far?

Apple also dares hold a hit at other phones (Motorola, Nokia and RIM) for losing some signal strength when held in a specific way. This is true, of course, but much like Apple’s statement that “iPhone 4 makes video calls a reality”, the implied by this one is ridiculous in much the same way. No other handset loses as much signal when held in a natural way, let alone drop calls becautilize of this.

So yeah, thanks for the effort Apple, but no thanks.

For a fine laugh you can follow the source link and read Apple’s full statement.




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